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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:07
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Trish Robinson- She is a rookie cop that entered the police force for about a week. She has not done very much for her first week being a cop, but today she would never imagine what she had to go through. On the first day of her second week she get yelled at by her captain for being late, so he assigns her to go along with an experienced cop on a night watch. From the very firs minute that the cop meets her, he can tell that she is very special, and he knows that she will become a really good cop.
Ally Kent- She is a little girl that is being held hostage at her own home along with her family, and her parents friends. She is only 15 years old but she is very smart, and very mature for her age. Through out the whole ordeal she quickly becomes a victim and almost gets raped by the headman of the whole operation. Until Trish and her partner come to the house, Ally becomes a really good friend of Trish Robinson. Cain- He is the terrorist that has broken into the Kent household for the evening, him and his killing-crazy buddies have made the house a battlefield. He had plans to rob the Kents and make a couple of deals with Mr.
Kent. Not until Trish Robinson shows up he knows the true meaning of hatred towards another person, but he also learns that its going to be really hard to get rid of her. Its just another routine patrol for Trish Robinson and her partner Wald. Everything was going good until they both responded to a prowler watch outside of the Kent estate, in the mean time Cain and his deadly killers are plotting to trap the Kents and their guests inside their beautiful home. On the way to the Kents house Wald is reassuring Trish that theres nothing to worry about and that she will be fine, and usually when someone is reporting a prowler outside their home its an animal or something. It makes her feel better, but if they only knew what they were really getting into.
They come to find that the Kents are being held hostage. They kill Wald soon after that, and they put Trish in the trunk of the patrol car and dumped both of them in the lake. Somehow Trish figured out a way of getting out of the trunk, and she just had to go back and rescue everyone, even thought she knew that she could get killed in the process. She especially had to rescue Ally, and only because she reminded Trish of a childhood friend that she had that got killed by Cain, 16 years earlier. Through out the book, her and Ally came really close to getting killed by Cain and the rest of his killers.
In the end, they both succeeded and they were able to save everyone that was worth saving. I really enjoyed this book because at the beginning of the book it was kind of like every other book that you have ever read, and then it started to get really interesting. It was really suspenseful, and it really kept me on the story. It was one of those books that you wish that you had the whole time in the world to actually be able to read it, and actually keep reading it. And it was also one of those books that you wish that they would go on forever, and that they should make it into a movie, but then again all the movies are the same.
Other than that I really enjoyed the book, and I recommend it to anyone that likes this kind of book. Bibliography:

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