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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:43
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to motivate a group of young, adolescent kids in school, or if the techniques usedwould even work? In the movie “Stand and Deliver”, Jaime Escalante used many different techniques to motivate hisstudents to learn more and be more successful in math. Overall, his students might have a larger desire to learn moreabout other things in life. Jaime Escalante used many techniques to motivate his students to become more successful inmath, and in life. Mr. Escalante motivated his students to learn better by presenting the material to them in a differentfashion. Instead of lecturing the material to his students, he would find a way to make it easily understood or find a way tomake it relate to things in their lives.
One example of how he presented the material to them in a way so that they couldunderstand easier was when he brought in apples for everyone and cut certain sized slices out of the apples. Since thestudents were learning about fractions, he asked them how much was missing from each of their apples. Instead oflecturing to them about fractions, he brought in visual aids to help them see and feel what they were learning about. Another way Mr. Escalante motivated his students to learn better was by creating a close relationship with them. Insteadof having a working type relationship, he got on the same wavelength as them and got to know them and care for them.
An example of this could be the night before the exam. He had his students over to his own house so they could all study,and then he cooked dinner for them. By Mr. Escalante motivating his students in a different fashion, the students werevery successful. They were successful not only in math, but in their lives as well. To prove that Mr.
Escalante’s methodsgave success to his students, one could take the fact that they passed the AP Calculus test, a test that is incredibly difficult,twice. Also, by Mr. Escalante getting his students to pass a test of such difficulty, his students should have a greater senseof self esteem allowing them to succeed in other tasks involved in their lives. Mr. Escalante’s techniques workedwonderfully with the type of students he was teaching.
One would think that this would go the same for Hartland Schools. His methods would work in Hartland, but it is really up to the students to decide whether or not the techniques will work. If the students are not willing to participate with a certain method, than, obviously, that method will not work. Therefor, itis up to the students to decide whether or not certain techniques will work. As one can see, Jaime Escalante used manytechniques to motivate his students to become more successful in math, and in life. So, next time one thinks that they willbe unsuccessful in something that they are learning, try learning it with a different technique.Bibliography:

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