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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:45
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria on January 27th, 1756. He was born to Leopold and Anna Maria Pertl. Leopol was a very successful composer,voilinist, and the assistant concertmaster at the Salzburg court.
Mozart showed musicaltalent at a very young age. By age five he was composing minuets. And at age six heplayed before the Bavarian Elector and the Austrian Empress. His father taught him, butsaid teahcing Wolfgang was hard because he knew so much already. His father was alsoIn 1763 Wolfgangs father, Leopold, took him and his sister, Maria Anna, on aconcert tour of Europe. The children performed in many courts and large cities includingParis, London, and Germany.
They astonished their audiences wherever they performed. In London Wolfgang wrote his first symphonies and met Johann Christian Brahm,who had a very large influence on him. In Paris Wolfgang published his first works, four sonatas for clavier withIn 1768 he composed his first opera, La Finta Semplice, which was presented forthe first time a year later in his home town of Salzburg. In 1769 Wolfgang and his father set out on another tour of Italy. Here Wolfgangwrote a new opera, Mitridate ri de Ponto.
He also wrote two more operas for Milan,Three years later in 1772 Wolfgang was appointed concertmaster to thearchbishop of Salzburg, his home town. He composed many works while he wasconcertmaster. But this job was not good for him and he did not get anolg with most ofthe people around him. So, he soon quit this job to travel to Paris with his mother andIn 1777 Wolfgana and his mother, Maria Anna, went to Paris, France. While hereWolfgang composed many works including The Paris Symphony (1778).
But, he couldnot find a permanent job there. His mother died in Paris this year and this upsetHe returned to Salzburg in 1779 and was made the court organist. He wrote manychurch works then, including the famous Coronation Mass. He was supposed to write aIn 1781 he was called to Vienna by von Colloredo. His career in Vienna startedout wonderfully.
He was soon assigned to write The Abduction from the Seralio (1782). The emporer loved his music, and later got him the job of court composer. Mozart wasnow very popular in Vienna. That year he married Constenze Weber, from Germany. Hisfather was not happy with this decision.
In 1783 the newly married couple visited Salzburg. During this period many ofMozarts pieces that were composed in Vienna were played. (Such as Mass in C Minorand his greatest success, The Marriage of Figaro, which was composed for the ViennaAfter The Marriage of Figaro Mozarts career began doing very poorly, and he wasin great debt. The most successful piece after Figaro was Don Giovonni (1787), whichwas composed for Prauge. After this he composed Cosi Fotte (1790) and The Magic Flute(1791). He also composed his last three symphonies, E Flat, G Minor, and the Jupiter inIn 1791 Mozart was assigned to write a requiem.
His health was in bad shape atthe time, but he still worked hard on the requiem. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died on December 5th, 1791 in Vienna, leaving therequiem unfinished. Some people think he dies of poisoning, but the most likelyreasoning of his death is kidney failure. After his funeral he was buried in a paupersMozart was a very large influence on the Classical Music Era, and will never beBibliography:

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