Multicultural Education Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:21
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1. Multicultural- I did not find a definition for “multicultural” on either of thewebsites. However, they both had a definition of “Multicultural Education Essay.
” The first web site,http://www. ncrel. org/sdrs/areas/issures/educatrs/presrvce/pe3lk28. htm,states that multicultural education is . . .
”a field of study and an emergingdiscipline whose major aim is to create equal educational opportunities forstudents from diverse racial, ethnic, social-class, and cultural groups. Thesecond website,http://curry. edschool. virginia. edu/go/multicultural/teachers.
html, definesmulticultural education as. . . “a progressive approach for transformingeducation that holistically critiques and addresses current shortcomings,failings, and discriminatory practices in education. ”2.
Authors: Millie Wright Pilgrim Dr. Ivory L. Toldson Rudolfo Gonzalez Maggie Steincrohn Davis Natasha Wing3. Article Summary:Coretta Scott King AwardThe Coretta Scott King Award is presented annually by the CorettaScott King Task Force of the American Library Association’s SocialResponsibilities Round Table.
Recipients are authors and illustrators ofAfrican descent whose distinguished books promote an understanding andappreciation of the American Dream. The Award commemorates the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ,and honors his widow, Coretta Scott King. The winners receive a framedcitation, an honorarium, and a set of Encyclopedia Britannica or World BookEncyclopedias. 4.
Exercise for Classroom Use:A wonderful lesson in helping introduce children to multiculturalism isthe “I Am” poem. In this activity students write short poems, starting eachline with I am, encouraging them to describe in their own words who theyare. Leave it open to their interpretation as much as possible, but suggestthat they can, if they wish, include statements about where they’re fromregionally, ethnically, religiously, etc. , memories from different points intheir lives, interests and hobbies, favorite phrases, family traditions andcustoms, and whatever else defines who they are. After they havecompleted their poem, they will be sharing it with the class.Education Essays .

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