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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:44
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Today in the television world, sitcoms are totally different from what it used to be, for example back in the day, people would have top rating TV shows, such as the Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, The Partridge Family, and basically shows that would have morals and lessons to give to the public. Now a days, shows that are most watched would be Sex in the City, The Sopranos, Will & Grace, and sitcoms that would have plots about sex, drugs, interracial conflict, and things that wouldnt be appropriate back in the past. In the past, people loved watching TV while eating their dinner. They would have TV dinners and sit on the couch flipping the channels by the remote control. Now Since the popular shows are usually on after dinner, the viewers can just relax, go out to eat, take their time, and enjoy their meals. In the 1960s, nobody really cared for television, mostly because there werent many channels to choose from, but now we have so many options of channels to view, like the comedy channels, cartoon channels, nature channels, news channels, and sports channels.
The biggest change in television history is reality shows. There are so many shows to choose from. Every channel one switches to, there are reality sitcoms and games shows to watch. For example, the first reality based TV show, Real World, Survivor, Blind Date, Elimidate, Fear Factor, and the list goes on and on, all are shows that take people form the real world and put them in shows that we all can connect to.
I believe producers created shows like this to have other people humiliate themselves. Shows such as the Real World, has people who act drunk, cheat on their loved ones, have wild sex, fight with one another, and plainly make people laugh at the stupid things they do. Shows like this, I believe give us more entertainment then shows like the Brady Bunch because shows from the past had less entertainment and more moral-thinking stories. Like other things, the publics taste of what they find fascinating and boring has immensly changed. I think it is partly due to the current society. The story lines for these shows now have more to do with current events, whereas, in the past, everything was about morals and good versus bad.
Television has greatly changed from when it was first started and I believe that most things have a positve change.

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