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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:43
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3. J.
S. Bach was an organist and choirmaster for Lutheran churches. Bach devoted his life to composing music for the church services. He wrote magnificent music for the organ, for choral groups, for clavier and harpsichord, for orchestra, and for small groups of instruments.
Bach was the master of the technique known as the fugue. His incredible output marks the summit of the polyphonic style. . In this, voices or instrumental parts enter at different points, each imitating the first.
After entering, however, each part is varied. J. S. Bach also added his six ‘Brandenburg Concertos’ to the Baroque period. J.
S. Bach was a big part of the Baroque period. So when Bach died, that was the fall of the Baroque period, his final landmark of the time. Bibliography:

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