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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:21
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My Elementary and Middle School years were characterized by a consistent and dedicated work ethic, which was critical in maintaining good grades. While my high school years are highlighted by many accomplishments, which I regard with a higher sense of pride, as they were all accomplished despite any obstacles my disability imposed. During my first year of high school, I did not have as solid of a start as I would have liked. I maintained a good GPA as an honors student, but also received my first disappointing grade. Math had always been a weak subject for me but I was discouraged of the grade I had received.
Sophomore year I knew something wasn’t right. There was no reason for someone my age to experience the amount of stress and anxiety I was dealing with. My parents and I decided that I should have some testing. Working with both my public school and private doctor, I was diagnosed with ADHD. The way in which I struggled in school now made sense. With the proper treatment, guidance, and assistive accommodations from school, I learned how to be more successful and manage my disability.
I experienced a transformation, my grades improved and I became extremely motivated to makeup for lost time. I was able to apply new skills and techniques to help me, and as a result I successfully redid my poor semester of Algebra through the Florida Virtual School. The rest of Sophomore year taking all honors classes, I was able to achieve good grades, pass all of my end of course exams, achieve a high score on the writing FCAT, and I was able to accomplish whatever I set out.Entering a large high school with around 4,000 students, I knew I was going to need to diversify myself. While I dedicated significant effort to academics, I was able to. .
smoothly. Even though it’s only been a little more than a week I believe my professors would describe me as friendly, respectful and excited. Friendly because in both of my classes I have made friends at my tables and have been chatting when allowed. Respectful because when my professors are talking I am sure to give them my full attention and excited because we are all so happy to begin our college experiences and have big smiles on our faces! . I am confident that the environment and resources at UCF will allow me to continue growing both academically and as a leader on campus within the many classes, clubs, and organizations on campus. Throughout my high school career, I have built a strong foundation of academic growth and leadership skills.
I feel that University of Central Florida will enhance and expand my knowledge and opportunity to reach my full potential.

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