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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:53
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It was the summer of 98, and my friends had just graduated high school, and we all decided to take a trip. Where to go we all thought? We were thinking where could we all have fun and not have any age requirements? So Cancun was the place to be, first thing I did when I got off the plane was transfer some money to some pesos. When I tried to get pesos the cashier tried to rip me off, but there was nothing I could do. So I got my pesos and picked up a cervesa. All I knew was how to say was Cervas por favor and apparently thats all I needed to have a good time. The first night we were there, we went to this place called Bolero, and it was a dark, very lively place. There we meet this girl name Carla. I had two words for her, God Damn! This bar we were at was no ordinary bar, apparently Carla was the feature dancer of the evening. I was thinking to myself, Damn damn damn, I am going to get into some trouble when I am down here.The next day our other friends arrived from the states, and we meet up with some girls, so thats the last time we saw Carla. We all got together that night at this club called Tequila Rock; it was very trendy. When we walked in all we smelt was smoke and beer, which is not a bad thing because that is a scent of a good time. Well, we were having out fun and my friends girlfriend died on us, she passed out from alcohol poisoning and we had to call the local ambulance, but we got some Burger King fries and revived her, so she didnt have to go to the hospital. Apparently she hadnt eaten anything on the way down, or all that day. So the fries did the trick. The second day was pretty calm, but of course it was wild by nightfall. During the day we all went to the beach. The beach was very clean and was a nice place to relax. We went riding jet skis out in the ocean, and played around in the sand, we had a good time. After the beach we went back to our rooms and then got ready for a fun filled day. We went to a few shopping centers and what not, then went a little sight seeing it was pretty nice, of course everywhere we go I find a guy selling alcoholic beverages, Cervesa por favor? While we were shopping, we found a statue of a turtle sitting on a toilet taking a dump, it was very interesting, I was considering buying it, but it was really expensive. Who would have thought a statue of a turtle talking a *censored* would have a price of $5,000. Well by then it was nighttime, the sun had gone down, so we went back to the hotel and changed. After that it was good to go for a night of fun. The first club of the night was Daddy Rock, there was a wet t-shirt contest going on, so you know we had to go up in there. We had a few drinks there; well few may be an understatement, but its ok. The second club we hit was Daddy Os; it was another branch of Daddy Rock, the dancing club portion. Daddy Os was one of many clubs rated for their laser shows, believe I saw why, it was amazing. The dance floor was enormous, there were roughly 500 people on the floor doin their thang. So we were having our fun there and by this time I was tired of drinking beer, needed a little change. At the time I was not really experienced with liquor, but willing to try. I asked my friends girlfriend, What is a good mixed drink? She knows her drinks, so I thought Id ask her. Tom Collins, she replied. I didnt ask what it made of or anything, just went to the bar and asked for one. At first I just kind of sipped on it,

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