My Hero: Hero in Need, or You in Need of a Hero

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:52
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When they ask me ‘Eric, who is your hero?’ I can’t ever think of what to say, or what to respond for that matter. Well, for me to answer that I must first ask, ‘What is a Hero?’. The answer to that may not be as plain as some people think. Some may say a hero is someone like Superman or Batmam and while they aren’t wrong that’s not the type of hero I’m looking for. Some of my class mates have claimed that their dad, brother, or some type of family member is their hero. Can a family member be my hero? A friend of mine looks up to a tv character as their hero. I don’t think a tv character can be my hero, maybe someone I look up to but not as my hero.
A hero by google definition is a ‘A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.’ What if my hero isn’t a person who is admired or idealized. What is he/she has no outstanding achievements or noble qualities, then what? I think a hero is someone that you wish to be more like and do what they do, or someone that has done something to forever change your life and you can’t ever thank them enough. That’s what I believe a hero is.
I was going to right this next bit about ‘Can a family member be my hero?’ but I have changed my mined. Hear me out, I wonted to write this essay because I thought it would help me figure out who my hero is by the end of it. After writing, the previous paragraph I think I know who it is… or ‘they’. I’ll write about ‘they’ in the next paragraph so hold your horses for now and let me talk about family. Someone in your family can be your hero (and yes, even the cat that sits on the end of your bed). I don’t think any single member of my family is my hero, nor any single person. When it comes to you though, who knows it could be.
Think about it, right now while your sitting in your seat think about your mom, dad, brothers, and sisters. How much of an impact they have had on your life, how much they have changed it for better or worse. You would not be the person who you are today without them. Take a moment to think about it, I’ll be here. Alright, if you’re reading this right after you read the last line, then you didn’t think about it as much as you should of. Now that you have thought about it and took it into hart now think about everyone one you have ever met and what they said to you and what they have done no matter how small or big they have changed and formed who you are today. Do you feel overwhelmed? I sure did when I thought about it like that.
My hero, Ha… oh god, I think I know now. My hero is everyone I have ever met. You reading this right now, the person sitting next to me, the guy I met earlier today, everyone that has ever bumped into me or said hi to me or just new who I was is my hero. Everyone I have met has helped forge me into who I am today. Right now, this very second I’m so grateful to all of them for all they have done. It doesn’t matter if they were nice or mean to me. I want to thank everyone for what they have done to help make me who I am if they know it or not. Yesterday I was super hyped to type this paragraph but now, all I fill is gratitude. I fill like going up to everyone and giving them a hug and say ‘Thank you for being my hero.’ then break out into tears. So from the deepest depths of my heart, thank you, for everything.
Now think, who is your hero? After you think of of who it is run to them, call them, text, drive, whatever! When you get to them, thank them for everything. Now to end this off I won’t to encourage you to dream to not to not just be like your hero but better. If your hero is Michael Jordan, don’t imagine yourself wearing his jersey, imagine him wearing yours. You don’t want to stand as high as your hero does! Stand higher! Don’t just be your hero, be better. Don’t be like your hero, be a better you that your hero will look up to.

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