My Hero: What Does a Hero Look Like?

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:51
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What is a hero? Is it what we see in the movies, a man in a cape? A good hero may be hard to find. To me, a hero is someone who is always on your back when you need it, helps you physically and mentally, never lets you down and gives you a kick in the butt when you need it so you don’t add any more trouble to the situation. Now you may be thinking, who is my hero and why? Well, my hero is my dad. My dad is all the things listed above, and he is caring, absurd, and patient.
To begin with, my dad is caring. I’m always first on his extensive list. In any rare occasion, my dad is there.This is meaningful because if my dad didn’t have this feature, I wouldn’t be as caring as I am today, and as successful as I am now. Last year on Friday, in fourth grade, I forgot my binder. I didn’t notice until I sat on my desk.
I was stressing out and instantly told the teachers and classmates around me. Twenty minutes later, even though it felt like an anxious hour, my dad knocked on the door with the binder in his hand. When he was out, everyone told me, “Ria, you have the luckiest dad in the world. None of my parents would do that for me!” I responded instantly, ‘Agreed; I am charmed.” My dad performs this when I forgot my lunchbox at home and didn’t have hot lunch money in my school account. Outside of school, I go to a math class called R.S.M. (Russian School of Math).
For my weekly R.S.M. homework, I didn’t understand a complex formula, and I was stuck on it. My dad came and helped me. Since the problems are on online, I can enter the answers and it will rate it for me, and I got it correct when my dad taught me! My dad will care for me when I’m ill. He takes work off for me, even though my dear grandmother could have taken care of me. This is crucial to me because I know my dad will go through any costs just to give me a hand. Evidently, my dad is caring, which is one of the reasons why I look up to him.
Additionally, my dad is absurd. Although he could make really cheesy dad jokes at times, he consistently making me laugh at the right times. He is hilarious when I am miserable or hesitant about something. Whenever I’m nervous about a test, I naturally think I’m going to fail even though I studied, my dad makes a joke about it. Here is one I still recall a joke from years back. My dad said, “Ria, you are going to do fine, unless you copy off someone’s paper. Over here is a joke to cheer you up.
Father: Why did you get such a negative score in that test?
Daughter: Absence!
Father: You were absent on the day of the test?
Daughter: No but the boy who sits next to me was!”
My dad delivers these jokes, so I don’t need to worry about the quiz and could laugh. I always complain about boot camp, and my dad told me a long time ago, “Thinking about something like a joke or a funny song will always encourage you.” So I made up a joke about boot camp.
Here is my joke. “‘What is your favorite exercise?’ Lindsay asks. ‘Chewing,’ Ria responds.” I even have a song, but I don’t think everyone would want to hear the song. Jokes like these will always cheer me up. This is noteworthy to me because I know that whenever I am depressed, there is always someone that will cheer me up. Undoubtedly, I know my dad will never let me down and will give me humor when I absolutely desire it.
Ultimately, my dad is patient. I like this behavior because I can be extremely unreasonable in some cases, and before giving me a kick in the butt, he is patient so I can think about my behavior. For instance, I required help with my R.S.M. homework. My dad helped me, and I still didn’t understand it. He taught me in a couple more different ways, and yet, I still didn’t comprehend it. I got so irritated and simply would not like to do it any longer. My dad asked me if I wanted a break, and after my break I was fine. This is tremendous to me because I recognized that when I’m irritated, my father won’t be and will attempt to discover different ways to explain the situation. Naturally, my dad is patient.

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