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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:18
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I think the philosophy of education means, the basis on how teachers teach. I feel the different philosophies have made the guidelines for teaching. An example of this would be, using the style of progressivism to teach.
John Duey developed this type of philosophy. In this philosophy, teachers use reconstruction of experiences to teach. Which means, the teacher could take a previous experience and apply it to a new experience. If a teacher were teaching in this way, they would use social learning through games. I would choose this style, because I think it would be an easy way to interact with students. Another example would be, using the style of essentialism to teach.
William Bagley developed this type of philosophy. In this philosophy, teachers stick to reading, writing, and arithmetic. The teachers will stick to the basics. There will be no electives taught to these students. Also there is much emphasis put on math and natural sciences.
With this style, the student is promoted based on his or her own achievements. I would not choose this style simply because, I find it boring without electives. Perenialism is another philosophy teachers can use. They use ideas to be the focus of education. The teachers use a universal cirriculum.
It is not based on students interests, but the teachers guide the instructions. Perennials s believe ideas should rule. This style does not provide for everyones differences. I disagree with this style, because I think teachers should provide students interests with their learning.
Existentialism uses the emphasis on individuality. Students determine what is true, right, and beautiful. Existentialists help their students determine understand themselves. Using these style teachers expose students to various paths, and students choose which to follow.
This style is rarely found in public schools. I would not choose this style, because I do not believe students should choose their own cirriculum. Also the style of behaviorism could be used. This style views free will as an illusion.
The cirriculum is based on programmed learning, and is controlled by school personnel. By receiving positive rewards encourages students to use desired behavior. I like this concept, but I think it would be hard to teach. The last example of these philosophies would be eclecticism. This is the philosophy teachers call their own. I would choose progressivism to teach.
I would like to use students past experiences to make new experiences. I would use the idea from existentialism about helping students to understand themselves. I also believe that essentialism should work into my cirriculum. I think reading, writing, and arithmetic are essential to the cirriculum of teaching. I have explained some of the philosophies and how I feel about each. I think philosophies make the guidelines for teaching.
It is important for a teacher to have a base to start teaching on. Thanks to philosophers, teachers can teach with a little bit of help! .

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