My Role Model Of Perseverance Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:53
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Steve Jobs: My role model of perseveranceAs human beings, we are facing obstacles, either career wise or in our personal lives; it’s part of the cycle of nature, but within the challenges it improves our self being. Throughout my previous education, I’ve always had an unbalanced interest between academics and extracurricular activities. Due to the lack of interest in the academic classes, I have always given more importance to the extracurricular activities. While conducting research on Steve Jobs, I have learned several valuable methods to succeed in my chosen career field when you encounter problems such as: failing classes, being financially unstable, and losing your most major creation. With the methods learned from the research on Steve Job’s perseverance, I will be able to apply those methods myself on the job when the times are tough.
It’s a fact that not everything goes the way we wish, and we must adapt to the outcomes or fix it. Especially when it comes to education, we try our best to make the most decent grades and to succeed, but sometimes the effort put into it does not pay off. For example, according to (Brandon Griggs, 2011) “Steve Job’s dropped out of college after one semester, although he returned to audit a class in calligraphy.” Job’s is a perfect example that grades do not define who you are neither a standardized test; after all, they just test your obedience rather than what you’re actually learning. Even though, he made the poor decision of dropping out of college, which could’ve been the end of his career, he continued to learn the way he wanted to: based on his interest. Furthermore, Jobs during the beginning of his career was financially unstable according to (Todd Frinkle and Michael Mallin, 2010) .
. In my career, I will balance my budget, have an emergency account for my projects, and also focus on new opportunities that will lead me to create connections, or perhaps even new projects. In the media communications industry I may encounter many pitfalls, but with my plan I can resolve any problems I encounter throughout my career. Moreover, my first step of my plan to solve any problems I face in my career is to focus on projects that will give me a positive outcome. Secondly, I will manage my budget carefully to be able to fund any conflicts in my projects. Thirdly, during my career I will fight for a position in my industry by continuing to work harder each day, and not giving up when I face challenges.
Overall, Steve jobs is my role model of perseverance because he was ambitious, always found alternatives, and continued to work despites it’s the consequences.

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