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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:14
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William Wordsworth is an high mysterious poet of the Romantic Age with an surprisingly elusive head and a aberrant capacity for showing personal beliefs and ideas. Wordsworth was a true mystic. His mystical experiences are chiefly revealed in the context of his intervention of nature.
Wordsworth ne’er confined his poetry within the graphic portraiture of the sights. sounds. olfactory properties. and motions of assorted elements of nature.
He aimed at achieving something higher and divine and go forthing behind a record of his mystical experiences in nature and human life in his poesy. So his poesy is non merely an artistic encapsulation of lovely and placid facets of nature but besides a comprehensive history of his mystical experiences. Wordsworth’s mysticism is singular for its brooding temper and pantheistic construct of nature. It is moulded by the belief that nature is a life being and the brooding topographic point of God. Nature is the agencies through which a adult male can come into contact with God.
Wordsworth maintains that a Godhead spirit pervades through all the objects of nature. As a true pantheist he besides says that all is God and God is all. Many of his verse forms can be studied with this contextual consideration. This perceptual experience is peculiarly reverberated in Tintern Abbey.
where he says with great devotedness: “…And I have feltA presence that disturbs me with the joyOf elevated ideas ; a sense sublimeOf something for more deeply infused. Whose home is the visible radiation of the scene Sun. And the unit of ammunition ocean and the life air. And the bluish sky. and in the head of adult male: ”He finds the being of God even in the head of adult male.
Wordsworth upholds that there is a pre-arranged harmoniousness between the head of adult male and the spirit in nature. which enables adult male to organize a relationship or communicating with nature. The relationship is materialised when the head of adult male forms a affinity with the ideas of nature. And it is this affable and rational junction between adult male and nature that helped to determine his belief that nature has the power to learn and educate human existences.
Man accomplishes flawlessness and practical cognition through the instruction he receives from nature. He believes that the individual who doesn’t receive instruction from nature is worthless and his life is unsuccessful. The poet considers nature as a big beginning of cognition. He besides believes that nature is the nurse and the defender of the world. Nature’s benignancy considers merely the public assistance of human existences.
In his words. nature is: “The ground tackle of my purest ideas. the nurse. The usher.
the defender of my bosom. and psyche. Of all my moral being. ”In Wordsworthian belief. nature is capable of relieving the anguished head of adult male.
The beautiful and coltish facets of nature are an infinite beginning for mending power. The material life sometimes become so blunt and painful that human existences loose the aspiration for life. When life becomes such intolerable so the Sweet and fond contact with nature can easy drive away the cloud of cynicism from the head of the spectator of nature. The noise and perturbation of the town or metropolis life may do human life unbearable but even the remembrances of nature in some alone room can extinguish the load of devastation. anxiousness and asphyxiation: “But frequently.
in lonely suites. and ‘mid the blareOf towns and metropoliss. I have owed to themIn hours of fatigue. esthesis Sweet. Felt in the blood and felt along the bosom ;And go throughing even into the purer headWith placid restoration…”Wordsworth. like a true mystic.
sees life in all objects of nature. Harmonizing to him. every flower and cloud. every watercourse and hill. the stars and the birds that live in the thick of nature.
has each their ain life. Wordsworth honours even the simplest and the most ordinary objects of nature and human life. For him nil is average or low. since everything that is present in the existence is touched by godly life. To reason we ought to state that Wordsworth ne’er looked at nature like the manner we do.
With great devotedness and enthusiasm. he sought to read the profoundest significance of human life in nature. In the manner of making so he forged himself as a great poet of nature with a true mystical vision.

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