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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:34
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Neolithic ParkA Short Story composed by:Reagan BHonors English IIMrs. Coultas – 3August 16, 1993″Thanks for that update, Bob,” said the aged anchor person.
His voice was rough and deep, as though he had been to sea recently and had taken home a throat lined with thick salt water. He sounded too serious, but friendly enough to be a local newscaster for a maximum audience of perhaps 20,000 bored stiff eyes. “And now we have a related story about the new sporting goods store here in Sidney. Nan Johnstone is there live. Nan?””Yes, Phil. Thanks.
” Nan was an aged person as well, who doubled as the station’s investigative reporter and local happening’s person. Her voice was about as clear as Phil’s. It sounded nasal and rusty, as though she had been talking her whole life and was about ready to give it up for good. “I’m here at what is now officially the largest hunting and fishing goods store in the world. Cabela’s will be opening tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock, and the management is expecting nearly half the population of Sidney to show up for the grand opening event.
In the past few nights, we have been bringing you related stories because of the incredible economic impact that Cabela’s will have and already has had in our area. As you know, 2,000 people out of the Sidney area’s 10,000 are already employed by Cabela’s. That number is, of course, expected to rise in the months and years to come. The story we bring you tonight concerns the last step in completion of the 400 acre store and surrounding grounds.
Today, over 700 stuffed animals arrived from an eminent taxidermist in northern California, and crews were immediately sent to work arranging 300 of the stuffed beasts in a brilliant display against the dividing wall in the center of the store. They let me take a sneak preview of the arrangement earlier, and it is incredible. Even if you’re not planning to purchase anything tomorrow, the animals make it worth your trip. One may find the other 400 creatures on display throughout the store.
They will be shown either one at a time with tape-recorded sounds of them and their habitat or they will be shown in groups. The main exhibit is arranged between the tents on display and the clothing section, and although pictures are not yet allowed from within the store, postcards will be available from any of the cash registers or from other points around Cabela’s. We hope to see you all there tomorrow. Goodnight.
“”Thank you, Nan. We’ll be there. It looks like it is going to be a very nice grand opening tomorrow at Cabela’s. And speaking of very nice, here is Scott with the weather update. “”Thanks, Phil.
It was a beautiful day today, and tomorrow, at least until about six o’clock, we can expect the same. Tomorrow evening, there will be a severe thunderstorm warning, as well as a tornado warning for the Sidney area. The conditions look to me like we could have a tornado come right through town, but let’s keep our fingers crossed until then . . .
“The TV screen abruptly went blank via the remote control on the other side of the room. A young man, about sixteen, sat in a large, brown chair on the far side of the room, mechanically flipping the remote control over and over in his hands. He stood to about six feet tall and was about average weight. “I think we’re going to go over there about four o’clock tomorrow.
” He spoke in a clear, intelligible, resonant voice. The tone suggested maturity of character and a quiet, serious disposition. “That’s fine, Brian. Just let me know if you need a ride out there,” said his mother, a woman of about forty. “I don’t think I’ll be able to go tomorrow myself, but maybe I’ll stop by the next day or the day after that. Just let me know what your plans are.
“”OK, mom. I’ll let you know. Goodnight, now. “”Goodnight. “Brian stood up from his chair and walked into his bedroom, where he immediately picked up the phone and dialed Chris’s number.
“Chris? Hey, what’s up?””Hey, Bri.

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