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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:41
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Surprises Surprise. This word brings forth images of parties and fun for everyone. Like, for Christmas, when children wake up in the morning to see the tree full of presents, they have a look of surprise. A surprise can be just about anything.
It can be a cookie for a small child. A surprise for a pregnant woman could be a very frightening thing. To surprise a 90 year old person, would be for him/her to win the lottery because they would win $50,000 for the next twenty years. This would not only be a surprise, but ironic.
It is ironic in the fact that he most likely won’t even live long enough to receive all the money. A surprise to an arrogant man, might be to be wrong about something and look very humbled about it. Surprise to a fool might be waking up one day to see that they were not fooled by something. There are so many ways to surprise someone and there are so many that are still out there that I have not talked about.
That is what is great about the element of surprise. For every surprise, there are “Surprisers” and “Surprisees”. “Surprisers” are the ones who are part of the orchestration of the surprise event. The “surprisee” is the one or the group to which the surprise is being aimed or “focused in on”.
Surprises are very healthy, for they are full of spirit, creative mischief, are a lot of fun and usually, everyone involved is “in” on the creation or “play”. Now, sometimes, like at people’s birthdays, the “surprisee” never knows about it. Other times, they can feel it in the vibration of the person or people surrounding the person who is planning or orchestrating the event. However, when a surprise is “in the wind”, the neat thing about it is that everyone usually works together in this kind of amusing and prankish harmony to get the surprise to exert itself upon the object to which it’s being cast. The energy around surprise events is incredibly vibrant.
Sometimes there are people, who, for the life of them, cannot hold the information, energy or level of the surprise that is being planned out and in so doing, end up ruining the pleasure and nature of it by leaking the initial conception or seed of the “surprise event” to those who it is intended for. These people are Big Poops! Now just what is a Surprise Apprentice? A Surprise Apprentice is a person who loves working on fun, creative, life giving, spirited surprises and has the ability to contain or hold the energy and information about the “Surprise Event” and sees to it that it all works out. If you ever have the opportunity to initiate, plan or be part of a wonderful surprise, please don’t ruin it for all concerned. Either agree to carry it out or don’t get involved. Did you know that women and children tend to be very good at orchestrating surprises? The element of surprise is essential to joke-telling in many ways.
It can lead to a variety of reactions by the people hearing the jokes. They can be scared by it, shocked or even excited. When the surprisee is scared you are able to see this reaction by the look on their face. If it is one of fright, they were scared by the surprise in some way.
A shocked look is one that the is looking at you and asking with their facial expression, “How?” An excited look is one that the person is very happy with the surprise and they are smiling and laughing at it. Surprise enters joke-telling at several different places. You can use the element of surprise at the beginning of a joke, to get the joke started. At the start of a joke, a way to surprise a person is that you could make a large noise to scare them and get them to listen or you could just use facial expressions, which could lead to a surprise. If you stick your tongue out at someone or stick your fingers in your ears or etc.
, people can be surprised by it. .

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