Ocean Side Tranquilty Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:47
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Ocean Side TranquilityThe point when the hot sand meets the slowly rising tide of the ocean, and how the sunset seems to glimmer off of the water at just the right angle. When the flock of seagulls skims the top of the ocean while the fins of dolphins can be seen cresting in the distance. These are the sorts of things that help describe the feeling of ocean side tranquility.
The soft sound of crashing waves, and the mellow chirping of seagulls sound in a way that meld themselves together into a sort of background melody that dance together along the grains of sand. The sunset slowly falls off the edge of the horizon casting a blanket of mixed colors along the top of the ocean. All of the actions taking place form a relaxing blend of natures marvels. When all the events of the beach form together to give a feeling of peace within one’s self. In this one grain of time when all of the phenomenon of the beach come together, this is a feeling of complete ocean side tranquility.
This one second of time stretches itself to fill an eternity. When it feels like you’ve been on the sand forever and nothing else really matters but the cool breeze and the sand between your toes, you’ve experienced the tranquility of the beach. All the ringing phones, complaining bosses, and modern day worries are replaced by a cold drink and a towel. Nobody’s upset and the weather’s just perfect to take a stroll on the soft cushion of sand.
Although people feel the tranquility at different times the feeling is all the same. Some feel it while walking on the sand right at the break of dawn, while others experience it sitting down admiring the sunset as the curtain of night casts itself upon the water. The tranquility is a very enlightening experience too. A lot of people look at things differently when the relaxation hits them. It’s like being in your own world where everything is flowing together just perfect.
Everything comes together in perfect harmony. That guy that’s walking his dog along the ocean seems like it’s meant to be there. Everything is in a complete moment of zen. The ocean side tranquility can be interpreted many different ways, but always gives the person experiencing it a great feeling of calmness and harmony.
Hey, if it didn’t happen why would so many people take their vacations to the beach?

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