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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:57
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The Excruciating Truth of Oedipus Oedipus is a man ofintegrity and passion whose goal in life was to seek the rawtruth. Throughout the story, he constantly tried to obtain thatgoal, but at times he tried to swallow his tongue because hesometimes had the inclination way down in his gut, he mightbe a killer. Worse then the fate of a killer, would be thereality of being married to his mother. If fate/destinydetermines everything a person will do before they are born,as it suggests by the play, then what crime is Oedipus guiltyof? I will answer that, MURDER.
In my mind, when aperson describes a pacific place, time, and event, and I wasthere, I would probably remember. A land called Phocis, ata spot where the road from Delphi meets the road fromDaulia. (Sophocles 41) And with this, it really narrows itdown to either knowing that you were a murderer, orwanting to deny being a murder. On the other hand, for ashort time after he killed his father, Laius, I do not believethat he knew he was marrying his mother or that he killed hisfather. As a newborn, he was brought up by the king andqueen of Cornith, where he was told by the Oracle ofDelphi, that he would someday kill his father and marry hismother.
Therefore, after this, he led himself to believe that hewould never return to this town due to the fact of killing hisfather, but most of all, marring his mother. At this point, hewas thinking just like any other human. Get out. Leeman 2Indeed I shall. I do.
I vent it all on you. Yes, you, youplanned this thing, and I suspect you of the very murdereven, all but the actual stroke. And if you had your eyes Idsay you played the chief part to. (sophocles 20. ) And withthis I come to a conclusion that he is not a cold-bloodedmurder, but a murder. He did a great cover up job, and doto the fact that he married his mother, shows that he didntknow that he killed his father at first, or did he?Book Reports

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