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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:19
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Sam Watson sat on the porch watching and listening to the people who came by.
His beloved wife Phoeby was out with her best friend Janie having a drink at the local bar at Eatonville, at least that’s what he thought until Janie came strolling by the porch alone,without her boyfriend Teacake. Where’s Phoeby? he asked her. I have no idea I haven’t talked to her today she responded. Well that’s a strange thing because she told me that she was having a drink with you down at the bar, she left about an hour ago said Sam. Teacake left to run some arons about an hour ago also she said.
Sam and Janie, both being the smart people that they were knew that something fishy was going on. They went down to the local bar together and neither Teacake nor Phoeby were there. So the two decided to go to Teacake’s place and see if he was there and if he knew where Phoeby might be. To their surprise Teacake was there, but they no longer had to look for Phoeby, the two were having sex in the bedroom. Outraged and broken-hearted, Sam and Janie walked away together thinking of what to do.
I can’t believe that Teacake would do this to me. I’ve been married to Phoeby a long time now, and I would have never imagined her betraying me like that. The two of them decided to wait for Phoeby to come back home and ask her a few things, so they went back to the porch and talked. A few hours later Phoeby came home, and the minute that she saw the two of them sitting on the porch, Janie in tears, she knew that they knew her dirty little secret.
Hey guys, what’s happenin? was the only thing that popped into Phoeby’s head. You little bitch I hate you more than anything in this world Janie screamed. The only thing that Sam could do was show his heart-broken face, he had no energy to scream and yell. I’m so sorry, Janie, I didn’t mean any harm Teacake asked me to spend some time with him and then it just sort of happened.
What the hell do you mean it just sort of happened? Why did you lie to your husband about where you were going tonight, and why did my boyfriend lie to me about arons? Janie screamed. Sam went inside the house to call Teacake over. When Teacake got there he knew it was a messy situation. Why’d you do it, why? screamed Janie. Ah been hear uh long time listenin’ to dat heifer run me down tuh de dawgs said Teacake.
Who, Sam? He’s one of the nicest people I know, why would you say something like that? And what difference does it make that he doesn’t like you, why would you go out and have sex with his wife? Janie said. I thought that you were cheating on me with him was the excuse. Whut ever put dat notion in yo head? asked Janie. You always talk about him and tell me how good of a friend he is to you. A friend, and that’s it you cheating scum yelled Janie.
Y’all really playin’ de dozens tunight said Sam. Janie walked back to her house to get away from the whole thing, while Teacake did not know what to do or say. Phoeby was kicked out of the house by her husband for the night. The next day Sam called a lawyer and got the legal papers for the divorce. He signed all of them and then gave them to Phoeby to sign. She was astonished that he would do such a thing, but she signed them.
I still love you, you know that? said Phoeby to Sam. I don’t care about you anymore you bitch. Just get out of my life was Sam’s response. The divorce was official, and the two of them were separated. About that time the same day Janie was moving all of her things out of Teacake’s house and back into hers.
Please don’t do this, I love you sweetheart, you mean the world

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