Paintings of William Edouard Scott and Claude Monet Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:56
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Two works of art that have inspired generations of art lovers are “Rainy Night, Etaples,” painted in 1912 by William Edouard Scott, and “The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice,” created in 1908 by Claude Monet. Currently, both paintings are displayed in the IMA Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. “Rainy Night, Etaples” is displayed in the American section and The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice is displayed in European section. The two paintings have the unique stamp of their painters and differ in the reflection of light.
They also differ in their sizes, and the painters were inspired by different themes while creating these masterpieces. The two beautiful pieces of art are the strokes of two great masters and differ because they portray the unique styles of the painters and are made on the same medium and are visual works of paintings. “Rainy Night, Etaples” that is next to “The Olive Grove” painting in the MLA museum in a 25 1/2″ x 31 in. 33 x 39 1/4″ framed painting, which was created in 1912.
The material used for the painting is oil on canvas. The painting shows a beautiful play of light and darkness, which is not altogether black, but has a bluish hue. The painting shows a rainy view of a street of Etaples, which is a city in Normandy, France. Most of the paintings of Scott have a common subject of the summer residence of Henry Ossawa Tanner, his mentor. The summer residence of Tanner was in Etaples, and Scott has used the city in most of his paintings (Rainy Night, Etaples, 2014).
“The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice,” which is beside “The Quai d’Austerlitz” painting created in 1908 by Claude Monet is a 25 1/2 A- 36 1/4 in. 4 x 44 5/8 in. framed painting. The material used is same as Rainy Night, i.
e. oil on canvas. Monet has devoted a series of paintings to this Church of Venice. In this painting, Monet has again shown his dedication to the display of reflection of light, although the painting appears slightly hazy, but the reflections of light are clear with a beautiful background of the church standing magnificently with its architectural superiority against the backdrop of Venice waters with Gondolas swaying in water (Provenance, 2014). Scott has used a dramatic style in his painting; the reflection of light with the loose stroke of his brush shows the beauty of the landscape.
He was totally devoted to his mentor and therefore most of his paintings are based on the theme of his mentor’s city. Scott is an expert of the restrained Impressionist technique, and in this painting he has shown a beautiful version of rain falling down and the wet streets. In the painting, the mother and the child walking on the street with the backdrop of a horse-driven carriage passing the contrast of the lifestyle of peasants and the Lords of France is clearly visible. Claude Monet was a founding member of the Impressionist movement.
His paintings usually highlight how color is affected by the lights and shadows. This painting looks like a rough model of a Church, but if we look at it closely, the architectural sharpness of the building rises above the waters of Venice. Monet has not forgotten to include the specialty of Venice waters, the gondolas, which appear to glide in water. The reflection of light creates the effect of moving water. Monet has also used a mixture of shades to create the unique effect of light falling on water.
The mixture of lights do not allow the viewer to judge the exact time of the day, it appears that time has stopped in this painting. In “Rainy Night,” life appears to be moving in spite of the rain. It appears that people are rushing to their homes in the darkness with heavy rain falling on them. The gross situation of France and the economic differences between the rich and poor is also clearly visible in the painting. Scott has beautifully emphasized on the reflection of light.
In the painting by Monet, the Church appears to give a calm and steady picture of life, as if in spite of the flowing waters, life comes to a stand still. The theme of church, the impassive time frame, the gondolas at a standstill in the flowing water, all indicate the steadiness of human life. It appears as if the painting is saying that when people go near the house of God, everything stops for a while. Both are visual works of representational art. Both the paintings also have the classical impression of the strokes of their masters, and thus the background, theme and the master strokes of light and darkness; make the paintings unique pieces of art.
“Rainy Night, Etaples” and “The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice,” are beautiful treasures displayed at the IMA Museum. These framed paintings have a lot of similarities as they were painted by two great artists who supported the Impressionist Movement. The paintings displayed at the museum are a treat for the eyes of connoisseurs of art. Scott has an unusual streak with landscapes and utilizes light and darkness to present his theme of rainy day, while Monet confidently strokes his brush to create a mixture of light and hues to show the stopping of time and an immortal Church standing in the backdrop with the fascinating waters of Venice splashing at its feet.
They both are paintings, but they have been created by unique painters who have utilized their styles in creating these masterpieces, and thus the artists have given a specially different look to each painting, and this truthfulness of the artists with nature and light, makes the paintings superior masterpieces of the world of art.
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