Parts of a Holy Mass Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:27
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Parts of the Holy Mass k Introduction and Preparation * Liturgy k Communion * Conclusion Introductory and Preparatory Rites The first part Of the Holy Mass is the introduction. The priest greets the people present signifying the presence of Lord among the gathering. The preparation for the mass is carried out With the Act Of Penitence Which varies according to the season of the church like the Advent or ordinary. This part ends with the singing of the Glory to the almighty which also is optional in weekdays and Advent.
Liturgy of the Word The Word of the Lord present in the scriptures is read here. There are three readings on Sundays and other feast days taken usually from the Old Testament followed by the letters of the apostles and finally from the Gospel. On week days and ordinary days the number of readings is reduced to two with the second reading from the books of apostles is skipped. There is an optional explanatory sermon which usually said on the Sundays and feast days. The liturgy Of the Word concludes with the Prayers tooth Faithful.
Liturgy of the Communion This part of the mass starts with the offering procession where all the offerings are placed before the altar and prayed that the offering is acceptable to God. The Eucharis prayers are said by the priest and the bread and wine is transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus, imploring the Holy Spirit. The words of Jesus which He told in the Last Supper is recalled since that is where the whole mass is derived from. The prayer that Jesus had taught His disciples is prayed.
Then comes the distribution of the Communion by the priest or deacon where all those who are prepared in heart can receive the Holy communion partaking With Which brings salvation. Conclusion Rite A prayer is recited after the communion and the announcements are made by the priest before greeting the gathering and blessing them.

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