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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:02
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On the 7th of December 1941 the Japanese lead a massive air raid onthe American navel base at Pearl Harbor Essay. The attack came by surprise earlyin the morning that day while many of the crew of the ships was stillsleeping. In just a short time after the attack 5 out of 8 battleships atpearl harbor were sunk or sinking, and most of the other ship and airplaneswere destroyed too.
More than 2400 Americans were dead by the end of theattack and many of them never made it out of their beds. After peace negotiation were reaching an end the U. S. clearly seenthat a war in the pacific was bound to happen. They expected an attacksomewhere in Indies or pihillpens.
But November 26 1941 Japan secretly sentan aircraft carrier fleet over the pacific to attack Pearl Harbor. Theysent six aircraft carriers with over 420 planes on the ships. It is by farthe largest aircraft carrier fleet ever assembled. With the ships manysubmarines were sent to attack any ships trying to flee the harbor.
On the morning of December 7th many of the crew on the ships wereallowed to sleep in. So by the time the air raid sirens went off it was wayto late. The first Japanese airplane wave had over 180 planes. Includingtorpedo bombers, dive-bombers, high-level bombers, and fighters.
Shortlyafter the second wave of similar size was sent. As they came into theharbor they began their attack on the unsuspecting American ships. Luckilythe American aircraft carrier’s stationed at Pearl Harbor were not in portthat morning. The first wave attacked for about 30 minutes. Torpedo bombersattacked ships as bombers dropped armor piercing bombs over them. Manyships and airplanes were destroyed in this wave.
The second wave started about 15 minuets after the first one ended. This attack did more damage to airfields and structures around the harbor. It also devastated the u. s.
s. Nevada. It consisted mainly of bombers andfighter planes. The second attack lasted about an hour. There was much moreresistance during this wave since more crewmembers from the surviving shipswere alert and ready for the attack.
In all Japan suffered only a few losses. In all they lost only 29planes. 9 were lost in the first wave. 20 in the second wave since theplanes faced more anti aircraft fire from the more alert ship crews. TheU. S.
suffered heavy losses though a total of 5 battleships, 3 destroyers, 2cruisers, and many other ship and most of the harbors airplanes were eithersunk, sinking, damaged, or destroyed. These losses took a heavy toll onthe American pacific fleet. On December 8th 1941 president Roosevelt went in front of congress toask for a deliration of war against Japan. He referred to December 7th as”the day that shall live in infamy”. A few days later Italy and Germanydeclared war on America too. Because of the attack on Pearl Harbor Americajoined WWII.
Pearl harbor left many lasting affects on the U. S. there are now manymemorials to all the people that died that day. And it has left a lastingmark on American history.
It truly was a day that will live in infamy. .

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