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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:56
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Performing and Visual Arts The definition for visual and performing arts is: skill that requires public performance, as acting, singing, dancing. To discuss personal experiences with the visual and performing arts as a creator, performer and audience member will be addressed, followed by the values Of studying visual and performing arts, the indication why visual and performing arts is created, and how it reflects to society Some of the experiences have on Visual and Performing arts are as a creator, performer and especially an audience member. I had been involved in music since the 5th grade. Ovid being a part of a choir and the great benefits it had towards me even till this day. My most memorable moment was when made the top 5 soprano list in the Phoenix Union High School. It has taught me a lot about team work, perseverance, and confidence. My experience with being an audience member for visual arts expands as each year comes, Lots of my experiences come from back in high school, only four years ago. With the help of my performing art teachers was about to see many varieties of performances. They include Madame Butterfly, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rent, Traditional Mexican Folk Dance (La Randall) and Jazz Mad.
As an audience member, really enjoy what the visual and performing arts has in store for all of us. I support and encourage strongly the importance of art, music, dance, theater and all that the visual and performing arts has to offer. Think its an amazing way for one to express themselves as well as so many emotions and cultures. As someone who is studying to become a teacher, the value of studying the visual and performing arts is just as important as knowing your own careen So many values can be cherished from the visual and performing arts.
For someone vivo is teaching it should have the feeling of accomplishment when you find your own student enjoying what they are producing. The value of finding comfort in what you taught is being translated in a positive energy. Spare ‘When a person Studies the mechanics of internal combustion engines, the intended result is that he should be better able to understand, design, build, or repair such engines, and moieties he should be better able to find employment because of his skills. And thus better life….
For living is a vocation we have in common despite our differences. ” (p. G. 3) Humans are known for being creative people. People create of participate in the visual and performing arts because it’s a ways for them to express themselves. Whether its just a hobby or a career; this is a way for people to examine and communicate with the world. Spore “Humans are a creative species, Whether in science, politics, business, technology, or the arts, we upend on our creativity almost as much as anything else to meet the demands of daily life. ” (p,g. ) Spore “Recognizing the artistic principles and influences all around us makes our world more interesting and habitable. The arts are elements of life with which we can and must deal and to which we must respond every day. We live with the arts because their principles permeate our existence. Specifically, the aesthetic experience provides a way of knowing and communicating in and of itself, separate from other ways of knowing and communicating. The arts play important roles in making the world around LISP a more interesting and habitable place. (p. G. 2) In conclusion, my experiences in visual and performing arts With regards to creator, performance and audience member are involved in today’s world. Strongly believe in the values that the visual and performing arts has to Offer and the end reward that it gives to each individual that is a part of it whether if they are performing, creating or watching. Humans are creative people and their participation in visual arts is performed every day and is influenced by society.

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