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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:52
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I have been in the IT field for last 8 years and currently pretty much handling the managerial tasks without being in that position. I believe I am consummate enough to handle technically but due to the lack of the MBA credential is not enough to be in this position. Secondly, most often I interact with the business in requirement gathering sessions and most of the time the business do not understand the technical terms and I need to explain in business terms.
I personally assess my Personal Goals Essay and we always need to constantly re-assess our personal goals and career-path and recognize the existence of strategic inflection points. I seem to have recognized the fundamental nature of changes taking place in our industry and I want to be a part of the evolving opportunities.
As we know IT one being a dynamic and so vast world we need to update ourselves to keep pace with the technology as well as upgrade our carrier both technically as well as in terms of business relations.
I believe open completion of this courses it will help me as well as my organization face up to the challenges of preparing for the successful management of technological and organizational change in a rapidly moving business environment. This degree will help in a large extent to enhance the communication skills, the time management, and delegations and how to manage new and changing technologies to achieve excellence and of course these skills will greatly help not only in the personal life but also in the professional life. .

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