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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:20
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The arts are not as important s the “solid subjects”, and schools should not have to Offer classes in the arts for all students. Structure: You may begin with whichever of the above positions you choose to support as your first sentence. Include one direct quote in quotation marks from each of the two articles you read. At the end of the quote, put the authors last name in parenthesis. Make sure to include two examples of personal experiences (yours, or that of someone you know well) to help support your position.
Make sure to identify three of the good writing techniques in your essay by putting them in bold, or underlining, and naming the quenching at the end of the sentence. Schools should require students to take classes in fine arts. They are proven to be useful in several mental processes that are correlated with school performance 1. Dee Dickinson, former director of the Seattle Creative Activities Center, asserted: “l personally experienced the relationship between music and scholarship when was director of the Seattle Creative Activities Center many years ago.
At that time, we did not have the research at hand to explain why many children who were taking music and painting classes suddenly began to excel in math at school. Other children began to improve in their language arts skills,” 2 Recent research suggests that some forms of art, such as music, influence brain activity in activities such as timing and pacing 1. It has similar effects on every human brain in spite of cultural differences 2, that is probably why music is called the universal language’.
Fine arts, by nature, stimulate the feature of the brain that is in charge of divergent thinking; in other words, creativity, imagination, or, as it is commonly called thinking outside the box’. It was found, for example, that musicians use both sides Of their brains and use divergent hinging more frequently than average people, and that intensive musical training is associated With an elevated IQ score 3. There are intelligences Other than logical, according to the theory of multiple intelligences 4. In the words Of Michael K.
Moneywort, executive director Of The Education for Parenthood Information Center: ‘The premise of the theory is quite simple. It concerns that ‘intelligence’ traditionally has been conceptualized, assessed, and addressed by school systems in much too narrow a fashion. If you happen to be among the fortunate ones whose strength is in the areas of ‘language ability’ and/or ‘logical. Thematic’ ability, you will respond well to the standard academic curriculum, you will do well on standardized tests, and be regarded as “smart” within the context of the standard classroom. 4 Creativity, divergent thinking, and elevated IQ score are, undoubtedly, useful skills in problem solving, and also applied to other branches to industry and production that requires more than logical reasoning, such as graphic design, I would say that, in the light of this evidence, schools should require students to take classes in fine arts, and laws should be made about it, Sources: I. . 3.

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