Physical Education Class: the Perfect Place to be Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:23
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Physical Education Class: the Perfect Place to be Essay Bullied?
Every day we are seeing how the population in our society acquires really bad habits that risk their health. Obesity has become an issue touching everybodyas life. People are wondering what the solution of the problem might be, and a good amount of them think that the only way to stop this increasing problem is to fight it from childhood. One of the ways to keep children from getting obese is by making them do sports. Some people are convinced that forcing children to take gym class is the magical way that will help children to stay healthy and in good spirits.
I agree with the fact that children should be involved in activities that make them exercise. However, I think that even if children should get some kind of physical activity everyday, they shouldnat be forced to take gym class since it encourages other kids to intimidate the ones that arenat perfect looking and bully the ones that arenat talented at sports.
To begin with, kids at gym class intimidate their not-so-perfect classmates with their evil jokes. I remember when I was at high school and everybody made fun of the chubby girl who wasnat as slim and tall as the other ones. Teenagersa intimidating their classmates isnat something that just happens in movies, in real life kids are cruel and mean with their fragile mates. In Gym class, children have to put the uniforms that force them to show their body.
In an age when childrenas self esteem is very delicate, exposing their body is not something they are so excited about. I can still recall the way the girls of my gym class made fun of my legs since they were so skinny and bony. For a long time, I felt embarrassed of my legs and refused to wear skirts or shorts. And that was something that happened to a skinny girl, I donat even want to think how the chubby girls felt when they were molested by our other classmates who made fun of their fuller bodies. Thanks to the evil jokes of our classmates, thinking about gym class was an awful nightmare.
However, the intimidation caused by stronger kids is nothing compared to the way they bully the children who are not talented at sports.
Everybody is born with a special kind of intelligence. There are people who have the musical intelligence and can play instruments, sing, compose, etc. There are others that understand and have a really good relation with numbers math, physics, etc. People have different talents since we are all different, and that includes physical activities. The problem starts because children donat know that not everyone has the same aptitudes. Sadly, there are a lot of kids who take advantage of their physical strength to mock the ones who donat have the same skills.
Every time kids have to make a team for their gym class game, they choose the children who are good at the sport, and leave the others behind. If a mistake is committed in a game, some of the kids get really angry at the one who did it, and make him feel very bad by blaming him of the failure. They also give the child names and humiliate him in every possible way. I had that problem, when I was at school I was afraid of balls, and every time we played a game that involved balls I ran away from the ball instead of towards it; that action not only lead us to lose plenty of games but also made my team mates get really angry at me. Iam convinced that not everyone is good at sports, and for that they shouldnat be forced to do something they dislike.
To sum up, I must say that gym class shouldnat be an obligatory subject for children, since it encourages behaviors of mockery towards the kids who arenat perfect-looking, and terror for the kids who donat have the skills for such activities.
Children should have some kind of physical activities, but they should have the choice to elect whatever makes them feel more comfortable. Iam .

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