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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:41
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In Emily Dickinsons lyrical poem Theres a certain slant of light she describes a revelation that is experienced on cold winter afternoons. Further she goes to say that this revelation of self oppresses, like the Heft of Cathedral Tunes and causes Heavenly Hurt, yet does not scare for it is neither exterior nor permanent.
This only leaves it to be an internal feeling, and according to Dickinson that is where all the Meanings lie. Theres no way for this feeling to be explained, all that is known is that it is the Seal Despair, and an imperial affliction. These descriptions have a rather powerful connotation in showing the oppressive nature of his sentiment. There is an official mark of despair and an imperial affliction which is above and beyond the norm. The severity of this feeling is so powerful that even nature seems to stop; in fact the whole world comes to a halt. But when it is over it seems that nothing happened, a glimpse of death.
There is no dramatic situation that occurs in the poem. It is a description of a somber feeling that comes from nowhere and leaves without a trace. The poem is written in the third person, referring to it, the feeling. It remains in that point of view throughout the entire poem. The use of figurative language in the poem allows Emily Dickenson to create a feeling that attaches the reader to the poetry, by tying it to an experience that the reader might have had.
It also allows her to set the mood of the poem. By looking at the first two lines it may seem cheerful because it speaks of light in Winter Afternoon, however the simile in the third line quickly changes the tone. That oppresses, like the Heft of Cathedral Tunes–. It has a very heavy feeling derived from the word Heft as well as Cathedral Tunes.
The Cathedral is considered sacred yet it is such as somber sound that it could easily affect a persons mood. The use of paradoxes in the poem creates a sense of confusion about the true feelings about the revelation. Heavenly Hurt is both wonderful and horrible and suggests that the pain comes from the heavens. This suggestion is support in various situations throughout the poem. Cathedral Tunes and Sent us of the Air are the prime examples. It shows that this new realization may have been from a divine being therefore the reader is confused on its significance because it perhaps a type of gift.
Landscapes Listen Shadowshold their breathe is the personification used in the poem. This personification in the work shows that a divine being has arranged for this revelation to occur therefore, all of nature will halt to the being who has been selected to find this new piece of themselves. She also uses a bit of irony as well as parallel structure to set the scene in the poem. The revelation is brought out in the light of an wintery afternoon, this is the parallel yet it oppressive and dark which is ironic because the light brought with it such darkness.
Another form of figurative language that is used is alliteration on the part of the hard ds such as death, distance, and despair and hs such as heft, heavenly, and hurt. These sounds give the poem a hard, heavy sound. Also she capitalizes certain words all throughout the poem because she wants to draw attention to these powerful words that Dickinson wants the reader to remember after the poem is done. Theres a certain slant of light does not follow a set meter.
It is written in a rhyming fashion. Stanzas one, two and three all have ABCB rhyme scheme. This gives the poem a very easy flow, through such a rough subject. The last stanza is written in ABAB rhyme scheme.
The poem allows the reader to connect with the feeling. It makes the reader analyze his own feelings. The poem is a very deep and shows how along the road of life there will be instances in which the world seems to be coming to an end. The poem suggests that this occurs due to divine intervention and there

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