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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:04
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Prostitution Essay is defined as promiscuous and mercenary sexual behavior with emotionalThere isn’t a more specific definition because people perceive it in different ways. Someview it as a dehumanizing act while others see it as an occupation that performs a usefulservice to society. Because people aren’t always able to act out their sexual feelings howthey want, prostitution allows them to express these desires.
Most people think that the actual sex act is what is illegal. But it’s actually the solicitationto perform that sex act for money or other valuables that is illegal. In the United States, “it” is legal in only one of the fifty states, Nevada. The laws of the stateof Nevada forbid prostitution in counties with populations exceeding 250,000.
Street-solicitation is illegal; only in licensed establishments, called brothels, can you legallyCondoms are required for intercourse as well as oral sex. The women that work in Nevada’s brothels get regular medical checkups. By law, Nevada brothels can’t advertise, so it is no wonder that you’ve never heard of themAnd you can find them listed in the Yellow Pages. Many people assume that the only people who become prostitutes are poor, uneducated,single women who can’t get a regular job. This is sometimes true, but often times, thewomen may have part-time jobs and engage in prostitution for extra money.
Some of thewomen are even married with families. Although prostitutes range in age and ethnicity, most arrests targeted people in their 20s thatThere are many international aspects of prostitution that many people are not aware of. Often times, organizations try to coerce or persuade women with money to go to othercountries Women are even kidnapped and taken against their will to be sold to privateIn Thailand, there is also a major problem of underage prostitution. It is a widely acceptedactivity. There is the belief there that children are less likely to have AIDS than adults.
However, a 1993 survey showed that more than 50 percent of the child prostitutes wereThere are several types of prostitutes. The three major kinds are streetwalkers, bar girls, andStreetwalkers are the most common type and generally the cheapest prostitutes. Theydirectly solicit for clients in a public place, such as walking up and down a busy street. Bar girls, the second type of prostitutes, also solicit clients in a public place. But theyusually choose places more sheltered from public view such as bars and casinos.
Often timesthey also use a pimp or make direct contacts with other employees that help to establish theirFinally, call girls are at the top of the prostitute list. Clients are referred to her from trustedsources. Call girls usually work out of hotels or go directly to the clients home. The majority of prostitutes are between the ages of 17 and 24. They reach their peakearnings at 22. Many are from the lower socioeconomic status and inner-city areas.
Thesole motivation for most prostitutes is simply the money. The theory that is best associated with prostitution is the theory of differential association. Prostitutes continually have intensive contact with other prostitutes and often associate verylittle with people not in the ‘business. ’Women who decide to begin prostituting themselves generally know someone already in thebusiness and use them as a sort of guide to adjust to the new lifestyle.
Also, contacts must beestablished and a call girl who is already set and well known can aid the novice in becomingsettled. There is often a price for this and the newcomer must pay a certain percentage of herDrugs can play a major role in prostitution as well. Many prostitutes become addicted tococaine, heroin or crack and often exchange sexual services for another fix.This creates avicious circle – the prostitute must engage in more sexual acts in order to make enoughBibliography: .

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