Psilocybin Mushrooms are an example of a hallucino Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:23
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gen. They were originally used during religious ceremonies of ancient indian tribes. This was done to expand their minds. Today, you could say that mushrooms are used to expand peoples minds, but definitely in a different way. There are many effects of using Psilocybin Mushrooms. Some are positive and some are negative. Also, the effects that psilocybin have on a person depends on how much they have had.
There are quite a few minor effects on a person when taking a small dose of psilocybin (.25grams – 1.5 grams). They are things such as fatigue, nausea, slight cold feeling, feeling of physical heaviness of conversely lightness, mental and physical relaxation, slight pupil dilation, nervous feeling, and giddiness. Some of these effects are desired effects, but not a whole lot of them. How many people really love to get nauseated. I sure dont like to have that feeling. Some of these things are not such a big deal either. This is because it is such a small dose. However, it is still abusing your body, and your bodys functions. Besides all that, there are also legal consequences.
When someone takes Psilocybin Mushrooms in a medium size dose (1.25 grams – 4.0 grams), there are effects that are a little more serious than taking psilocybin in a small amount. These effects are things such as open-eye visual effects, lights gain auras, star-pattern effects, rainbowing around lighting, increased peripheral vision, sometimes either increased or decreased ability to focus, and other “visions”. These are very typical effects of a hallucinogen. These desired effects can sometimes cause long term brain damage if used to much. At a medium or high dose level the effects can be seriously harmful in the long-run. However, the dosage does not always have to be large. Psilocybin causes different levels of effects for different people, even at the same dosage. At a high dose level, psilocybin mushrooms have even more serious effects. The effects of high dosage are the same as the effects of medium dosage, but in a greater abundance. The effects of high dosage are much more serious than medium dosage, even though they are the same things.
There are also effects that are positive, but not many. The only positive effect that is possible is the high that you experience. You will hallucinate while you are on psilocybin mushrooms, but all of the negative effects will happen as well. Also, the hallucinating could be a negative effect depending on the situation.
As described, psilocybin mushrooms have many different effects, most of which are negative. They make you hallucinate, which is the desired effect. They can also cause permanent brain damage. When you take psilocybin you are at a very high risk, because different doses cause different problems depending on the person. A low dosage could kill you the first time you ever take it.

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