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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:06
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Jamie Klein2/7/05S121Thesis: There are many myths about recycling. INTRO:Attn Gttr:Most people in here probably recycle on some level; some more than others. And probably, most people in here assume that they are saving natural resources and helping the environment. However, this is not always true. Thesis:There are many myths about recycling.
Preview: Today in my speech, I will give you facts that may surprise you and that you’ve probably never heard about landfills, natural resources, and energy conservation. Transition:Everyone has seen or heard people saying that “we are running out of landfill space and that they are polluting our environment. “BODY:I. This statement is not true. a.
Firstly, we are not in danger of running out of landfill space. According to Jay Lehr PhD, in the April issue of public policy magazine, Intellectual Ammunition, “all the garbage we will generate in the next 10 centuries will require less than 35 square miles to a height of only 300 feet. ” Also, according to Daniel Benjamin of PERC Reports, “the United States has more landfill space then ever before. “b. Another myth about landfills is that they are poisoning the soil and our water supply.
Even the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, says modern landfills pose little to no risk to humans. Modern landfills are built on a thick foundation of clay and plastic liners. Also, the methane gas produced in biodegradation is often times purified and soldTransition:Now, let’s talk about some of the objects that go into those landfills. II.
Paper, glass, and plastic are the three main recyclable goods. a. We’ve all been at the library or at home and printed a website off the computer and didn’t realize it was going to use 50 sheets of paper and then felt guilty because we’ve always been told not to waste paper because “we’re running out of trees. ” Quoting Mr.
Lehr again, “we are not cutting down “endangered forests” today to make paper. We plant far more trees than we harvest each year. Wood is in ample supply. “b.
Glass is another resource we don’t have to worry about, since it’s made from silica dioxide, which is just beach sand, the most abundant mineral on earth. c. Plastics are petroleum based byproducts, which is limited. However, new technology allows use to make plastics from plants through fermentation. Transition:The last myth I want to touch on is energy conservation. III.
A frequent pro-recycling argument is that manufacturing products from scratch rather than from recycled goods wastes energy. a. It is actually just the opposite. Making products from recycled goods uses more energy and water and produces the same or more air pollution. As stated by Recycling Today Online in January 2001, “recycling uses more energy and financial resources to sufficiently clean material to meet quality and safety specifications. “Conclusion:I hope this speech has cleared up some fallacies we’ve all been taught about landfills, natural resources and energy consumption.
Final Comment: So, the next time you go to throw your newspaper in the recycling bin, think about where it’s headed. WORKS CITEDLehr, J. (2003). Recycling: Your Time Can Be Better Spent.
Retrieved February 6, 2005, from The Heartland Institute Web site: http://www. heartland. org/PrinterFriendly. cfm?theType=artId;theID=11735Benjamin, D. (2003). Eight Great Myths about Waste Disposal.
Retrieved February 6, 2005, from PERC Web site:http://www. perc. org/publications/percreports/sept2003/recycleing. php?s=2Archer, Joan.
(2001). Recycled PET: Should it be Used in Making New Bottles? Retrieved February 9, 2005, from Recycling Today OnlineWeb site:;SubCatID=16;CatID=6About The Heartland Institute: .

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