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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:25
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Because of the textbooks that the students are reading in school, the students are basically started at -10 instead of starting at 0. A lot of books sit on shelves, instead of being read. Another thing is that a lot of the information that is written sometimes goes back to far and then some of the information doesn’t go back enough and then the students miss a lot of the information that is needed. Then another problem with the textbooks is that they are using the wrong use of words. These things are a major problem with today’s textbooks.
A lot of the books that are in the schools today are very useful if the students would take them off the shelves. This is one of the major problems with today’s students. There are so many books that can be of so much use if they were taken and read. The other problem is that the teachers don’t even take the books of the shelves to teach the students. There are books like the American Nation. This book contains over 15 pictures and illustrations.
This book has very rarely been used. About 25 years latter another Native American book was written. These books like the others have never really been used. This is one reason why students start at -10 instead of starting at 0. Another thing that is bad, and causes students to start at -10 is the way that the textbooks are written.
They have printed some things that are not even information that is used. They have a lot of information that is irrelevant and can not really be used. Here are some examples: Sequoyah: Who invented the Cherokee alphabet. Another example is Crispus Attacks: Was the first casualty of the Revolutionary war. Why would the authors put these kinds of things in the textbooks? These are the kinds of things that cause students to start on the bottom. There is another problem that effects students in how they learn and why they start on the bottom.
A lot of the textbooks have words that students don’t understand and then they lose interest in what they are reading. Then when the students do read, the book uses words that confuse them. Then when they do this, they really don’t understand what they are reading. And because of this the students just gives up.
For example: they use words like war- whooping, and half-breed, which are words that aren’t very understandable, or they make no sense at all. This is another reason that students start at -10 instead of starting at 0. In conclusion, the reason that the students start at -10 is due to the textbooks that are being used in the schools and the way that they are written. A lot of the books that can be read, all they do is sit on the books shelves and are never read. There are books that are written that information are skipped and the students need that information latter.
Another problem is that the textbooks that are being used are using words that can’t be translated by the students and then become board and stop reading. Students are starting at -10 instead of 0 due the way the textbooks are written and the way they are used.

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