Reflecting on Culture and Arts Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:23
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One understands there are thousands of different cultures and many things influencing the relationship between culture and art. Many cultures use art to describe or illustrate their culture. A skill or tradition passed down from one generation to the next kept the culture alive. Within America, the “melting pot,” there seems to be a decline in individual ethnic cultures and more integration incorporating one with another. Commercialism, and the media are responsible for much of that. With this occurring, many cultural art arms are lost or forgotten.
Considering culture in America today it may be best to describe culture as a certain type or group of people rather than by heritage. Dancers, cowboys, or super models are examples of an American culture. These groups do have specific cultures and are people with common interests. They display typical behaviors or styles specific to that group and are acceptable to each other. Hawaii is another part of America with a rich heritage and many cultural art forms specific to Hawaiian people.
The art Of hula dancing, storing ailing with their hands, and making leis are just a few of the arts relative to that specific culture. There is an art to cooking a pig in the ground and making grass skirts. Tourism and special occasions provide the main reasons for still practicing a number of these arts. The Hawaiian Luau is on the list of “must see” things to do when visiting Hawaii for instance. Luaus keep some of the cultural practices, traditions, and art forms alive for future generations. Pointing out the relationship between culture and art is sometimes is necessary to make it noticed by some people.
It seems culture is just an adjective used to differentiate or describe something, Considering art and culture individually, the word “Indian” separated trot the word “art”, or “Hawaiian” separated trot ‘luau” take on different meanings versus “Indian Art” or “Hawaiian Luau” as one term. Some believe art exists as a result of a culture, and culture influences art. Ballet dancers and street dancers are very different cultures, but have many things in common. Beautiful and entertaining in several ways, art defines both of these cultures.

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