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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:29
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Coming out of the dark ages was a bright and hopeful time. A lot of people were bored and searching for all sorts of things, one of them being entertainment. Entertainment played a major role in renaissance times.
People were inspired and experimented with entertainment. How did entertainment in the renaissance times influence people? and what were the different types of entertainment?Theater became a great and popular way of entertainment in theSixteenth century. It was approximated by Sarah Howarth, that about 15,000 people packed the theater in London, a week. (21) All the different countries were catching the trend of building theaters including England and Spain, after Paliado opened(a theater in London) on March 3rd, 1585. (Sarah Howarth, 19).
The Globe theater in London attracted the most audiences, stated Sarah Howarth(19-20). During the Elizabethan times it became almost routine for each successive Lord Mayor to appeal if a theatrical performance was in the city(John Brown, 173). The theater was responsible for the inspiration of many authors. The expression it showed was experimental(Sarah Howarth, 21). A lot of famous people were involved in all the process of theater, such as Palidio, William Shakespeare, and Lope de Vega(Sarah Howarth, 19-21, John Brown 173-219). William Shakespeare was an excellent author, he experimented with all the rules of theater by combining tradegy and comedy(Sarah Howarth, 21).
Shakespeare was associated with two obsessions Change and changeability and playing the world on stage(John Brown, 173). The theaters themselves were a beautiful sight. The stage was set on one side of the circular building. The other three sides had seats. There was also a tower called the tiring room where the actors could go and change or rest.
There was a flag on top of the tower, when it raised the stage was set. Rich or poor all people could afford to see this history in the making(Sarah Howarth, 21). Falconry or Hawking is the sport of hunting with hawks. Believed to have been originated in central Asia. around 2000 BC. It was introduced by the mounted horsemen who led invasion forces during the decline of the Roman empire.
Hawking was popular among European nobility between the 10th and the 17th century. But its popularity began to decline with the later introduction of guns. Interest in the sport revived after World War 1, particularly in Great Britain and Europe. An organization for falconing established in the United States in 1942, was succeeded by the North American Hawking association. The style of hunting varies from country to country, depending somewhat on the kind of hawk available to the hunter.
Short-winged hawks such as the goshawk and coopers hawk, hunt ground level prey from a high perch. Long-winged hawks such as the perigee, gyrfalcon and mesh hunt from the air and take flying prey. Short-winged hawks are trained to return to the falconers glove, but long-winged birds are trained to a mock bird swinging on a cord. So how did entertainment influence people in the Renaissance times? and what were the different types of entertainment? Well weve concluded that Theater inspired a lot of authors that are famous today.
Entertainment also gave people hope for the future. The different types of entertainment are theater and hunting and hawking and also Sports and games

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