Revolutionary War and the Beggining of the New Rep Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:09
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ublicMy Understanding of the American Revolutionary War and The American Revolution was inevitably going to occur, but was how the American Indians treated really inevitable or just another sign of the colonists greed? Throughout the American colonists stay in America they consistently had a hunger for land that was not theirs and always wanted more land than they agreed to take in various agreements, contracts and treaties. It seemed that there was no way that American Indians would be able to appease the colonists. The colonists in general were greedy.
Regardless of what the subject matter, if the colonists felt they were being done an injustice they retaliated and whined until they got their way. Before the American Revolution occurred, England and the American colonists were able to live and prosper peacefully without even considering a break for thirteen years prior to the shot heard around the world. The idea of England and the colonists fighting was even explained to the American Indians as a quarrel between father and son. It was a family quarrel and most people from outside the family did not want to get involved in it.
As time went by the French and even the American Indians managed to choose sides to fight on however. For the most part the colonists were just transplanted English men and women. The colonists largely just wanted to be recognized in English politics or even just as gentlemen. The American colonies were set up as English outposts and what happened within these outposts modeled what occurred daily in England. In time however the colonists would realize that England thought of the colonists as less than Englishmen.
It seemed that the colonists could never quite get “it” right, or do “it” well enough. Whatever “it” was, was exactly what the colonists wanted and it annoyed the colonists that they could never accomplish that task. For the most part those people trying to obtain this goal of English status were those colonists in the upper class in colonial standings. Even though America was seen as a place of opportunity it still held class separation. Everyone was expected to know their place, the colonial gentlemen knew theirs, as did the women and the working class, and the slaves were expected to learn their place among society.
The primary purpose of these films is to inform. They are set up to give us the facts from different parts of the same story. Liberty Part I is focused on what was occurring in the colonies that contributed to the occurrence of the Revolution. Liberty Part II is about what actually happened during the American Revolution.
Africans in the Americas focused on what was going in with Africans in the colonies at this time and how their lives were being affected by the Revolution. The Revolution and the Iroquois Confederacy was about the creation of the Iroquois confederacy and how it was pulled apart initially by necessity during the French and Indian war and than by pressure from both the Americans and than the English and eventually each other during the American Revolution. This film discusses how the aforementioned happened and what happened to the confederacy and its members as a result of being separated from their peaceful union of nations. Washington; The Man Who Would Not Be King is focused on how Washington developed from a man who wanted nothing more than to serve as an officer in the British army to one who was able to make decisions that required sacrifice.
Jefferson; A View from The Mountain is about Thomas Jefferson, his background and what happened to him during the course of the time period these films address. I do feel that the biggest point that this particular film got across was that Jefferson was undergoing a huge personal struggle about the concept of slavery. All of the subjects of these films tie together to inform us of the true and complete story of what happened in the years preceding the Revolutionary War and those that followed it during the creation of the United States of America, the presidency, and the Constitution. The films let us know about various .

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