Revolutionary war involement Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:08
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Before the revolutionary war and increased british involvement, the colonies were a successful and growing nation. The British’s harsh lwas and actions caused american distain. many feel because of the outcome of the american revolution it should rather be called the british revolution. there were many reasons to support this theory, however there were also many reasons to leave the name as it is.
Britains foreign policy’s actions and reactions all fall under the main category of acts and laws.
the most important act that led to the creation of many more acts were the Coercive Acts. these were the first direct tax on colonists. from this the Stamp and Sugar Acts were created. these acts were the first acts to corrupt however bond colonists. another main speculation of Britian Foreign Policy is the unequal treatment of the colonists. The british felt they were superior to all colonists.
Land was another main issue within the colonists and british. The Proclamation of 1763 was created when the colonists felt they deserved land yet the british porhibited it.
American actions and reactions also played a major role in the revolutionary war. the boston tea party occured. this riot was led by Samuel Addams and it was the first act of resistance. another major document was created within this time period.
Common Sense was written by Thomas Paine; which is thoguht to be of as one of the most influential phaphlets ever written. it influenced many views of people within that time. also the Continental congress and Second Continental Congress were created. these congresses were created due to the reaction of the Coercive and Quebec Acts. within the Second Continental Congress the Olive Branch was created.
Within all of these facts, there has to be a desicion as to which is more legible for the name and who is more relevant.
in my opinion, i feel that the American Revolution should be called the American revolution. The economic world was running perfectly until taxes were introduced by the British. once these taxes were created they immediatley needed to be lowered. also the colonists were not revolutionary until they felt they were being treated unequally.
Yes, the british actions did cause the revolution, however it was American who took the victory in the war. the old saying “Let the victor spoil” is put best to use in this revolutionary situation.

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