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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:18
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Our entire society is suffering from obesity, and the roots of it are in childhood.
Ninety percent of obese adults were obese children (American Obesity Association). LAUSDs decision is a sound one and has large amounts of research behind it. Obesity is a leading cause of many life-threatening diseases. Obesity also has social consequences, which can lead to long term emotional problems. Although the schools might lose income, schools should be more concerned with the health and well being of the student body. LAUSDs ban is highly recommended by health care professionals.
Junk food is, while having no nutritional value, high in calories, sodium, and fat content. Junk food is not a nutritional part of this complete breakfast. This leads to obesity, associated with many illnesses. Overall, an obese person has a lower immune system. Colorectal cancer, type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, impaired immune response, impaired respiratory functions, liver disease, surgical complications, mammegaly (an infection caused by sweat) and deep vein thrombosis are only some of the diseases directly caused by obesity (American Obesity Association). Obese people and especially obese adolescents are subject to ridicule from their peers.
Students already face enough social persecution for any difference from our Barbie doll standards. The added pressure of a compromised weight only takes away from a students ability to perform to the greatest of their abilities in school. Schools depend on contracts with soda companies and distributors in order to make up for lack of school funding. However much this might benefit the schools payroll it should not be the students who have to pay for it. The school should encourage healthy food, and sell this in the school cafeteria.
By improving the quality of school food, students are encouraged to eat nutritiously at school, but also outside of school. Not only is there junk food in school, it is essentially the only choice of food. If students were exposed to health food the way they are pressured to eat junk food, perhaps we can find a solution to the growing number of obese adolescents. Obesity is plaguing our society and the beginning stages are in childhood and adolescence. Most adolescents spend just as much time at school as they do at home.
If the schools do not set an example, who will? .

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