Seeing And Knowing The Visual Arts Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:55
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She used three dimensional pictures, animated video, and actual material on board so you can really get a feel of the textures, mood, feeling of the place. She used ally calm and green colors to set the personality of the space; it helps me understand what it would like to actually be in it. Think her representation for this space is mainly to get a good connection between the animals and humans throughout their rehabilitation or when someone is adopting an animal.
It’s a very open space to make the animals comfortable, but that also goes in hand with the people inside so they can he comfortable with the animals, She made sure to make an outside feel throughout the entire space with frequent patches Of grass in and outside of the building to encourage play with the animals so hey never feel trapped as they could in normal adoption centers. This can’t be considered abstract art because while making the space she had intentions of how she wanted it to be done, with a certain meaning.
Composition on the other hand, was used very well. With her providing videos, pictures, and materials with texture it allows us to see them all together in a representational form. If she would’ve only showed us pictures or a video the viewer wouldn’t have as good of a understanding on how she wanted it to be. There were also forms of three- dimensional objects to give examples of some dimensions that are used in the pace.
Angela communicates all of her ideas through words, textures, forms Of Objects, dimensions Of the space, and light and color, this allows the viewers to grasp everything that she wants people to understand. This is why think composition is the biggest use in this piece Of arc There is so much given to the viewer to help them feel like theft there. If she were to leave out the materials that are on the board then we would just see pictures and wouldn’t really know what everything is made of, which would leave a pretty blank space for the viewers. Adding them gives a whole other perspective and feel of the space. Ink Angel’s overall meaning for the space was to make a good environment that allows animal freedom, room for interaction with the animals, and a much better place for them rather than being at a normal rehab center or adoption center. She focuses on helping the animals build a good relationship with potential families and a peaceful place for them to stay while they re waiting to be adopted. I really enjoyed the space she made because I love animals so felt could relate to it pretty well, I don’t think she could’ve done a better job representing the piece with her own emotions to make a considerate adoption and rehab center,

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