Sex Education in the Public School System Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:06
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Sex Education in the Public School System Essay. The topic of sex education in public schools has been a hot one for some time.
Those in favor of it argue that education is the answer to the rising rate of teen pregnancies and STD’s. They are afraid that the youth of today are not receiving the proper information at home to protect themselves. Supporters feel that if kids are provided with accurate information in school they will be equipped with the tools to make wise, healthy decisions. There are many others, however, who are against sex-Ed being taught in schools. They argue that, perhaps, ideas of sex are being placed in kids’ heads too early and this is leading to early sexual experimentation.
Others argue that schools are pulling too far away from the basics and kids are not receiving a proper education. They find that schools are becoming sidetracked with social issues and are passing students through without appropriate academic knowledge. After conducting much research it seems apparent sex education is simply a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values about identity, relationships, and intimacy. It encompasses sexual development, reproductive health, interpersonal relationships, affection, intimacy, body image, and gender roles. School-based sexuality education programs conducted by specially trained educators can add an important dimension to children’s ongoing sexual learning. These programs should be developmentally appropriate and should include discussions on such issues as self-esteem, family relationships, parenting, friendships, values, communication techniques, dating, and decision-making skills.
For example by giving teens real life problem and solution situations they will have a better grasp on finding a solution to a problem they may eventually have. The following stories have been taken out of a sex education book. Last weekend Lisa and Bobby went to a party at a house where the parents weren’t home. After drinking a few beers, Lisa and Bobby went all the way (their first time).
The next day, Lisa was upset that she had done this and decided that she doesn’t want to have sex with Bobby again. After all she doesn’t know him very well. When she explains her decision to Bobby, he becomes very angry and insists, “Once you’velost it, you’ve lost it. You can’t go back to being a virgin!” Is he right?Though her virginity cannot be restored, Lisa can take control of her sexuality and certainly has the right to refrain from intercourse if she wants to. Just because she made an unwise decision to have sex at the party (with the help of the alcohol) doesn’t mean that she has to continue being sexually active.
Danielle is 17 years old and has been dating Bill for 8 months. They have come to the decision that they are ready for sex. It will be the first time for both of them. Danielle is scared that she won’t know how to “do it right. ” She’s comfortable with her decision to take this step, but she’s worried she’ll do something wrong. How does someone do it right?This is a major step.
It is important now for Danielle and Bill to discuss birth control BEFORE the first time they do it. They need to keep in mind that one unprotected sexual encounter could radically change their lives. An aborted pregnancy or giving a child up for adoption are painful choices that may haunt a couple for the rest of their lives. Once birth control is taken care of, how do they do it? That part is mucheasier when the two people involved care deeply for one another.
The first time is often awkward for both parties but over a period of time, with experience, it becomes more natural and more satisfying for both people. If she is concerned about the technical aspects of lovemaking she can browse through her local bookstore to find a book on this topic. The primary goal of sex education is to promote future sexual health. Sex education seeks to assist young people in understanding a positive view of sexuality, provide them with information and skills about taking care of their sexual health, and help them make sound decisions now and in the future.Do We Need .

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