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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:03
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English 10A, 6th PeriodNovember 28, 2000Johnny Got His Gun, Chapter 13″Chapter 13″ of Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo was suspenseful.
Joe has been relocated in another room. He has managed to configure themathematical calculations of his room including the positioning of thewindow. Joe is astonished by a continuous bed linen change (Trumbo 155). This goes to show the extremely dull life of Joe. Months flash by likedays and a year whisks by like a dream for Joe.
I have, fortunately, neverbeen in this level of tedium. Joe had visitors. This was the first time people visited him, otherthan nurses (cleaning service doesn’t necessarily come to visit). Hethought, at first, it was his family as there were 4 or 5 of them. Hedidn’t want them to see his creviced head, where there should have been anose, mouth, and living human face.
Next, he proposed the company weredoctors. These doctors supposable came to see the fruits of there labor oreven a medical miracle. After, he realizes a heavy object placed on hischest by the guests was a medal. Then, Joe projected the visitors weremilitary personnel to reward his “stump” self. Now, he felt a desire forthem to see him.
I have never been hospitalized but I’ve seen numeroushospital visits. Some patients who are maimed tend to hide theirconditions from there family, friends, and lovers. I believe they don’twant to present themselves as mutated or sick to people who care aboutthem. This chapter was more exciting to read, than previous ones.
I wasseeking to know who the visitors were. Joe wondered about possiblecommunication methods through vibration. If this were established, Joewould be one step closer to restoring his human independence andindividualism.

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