Siddhartha: The Teachers of Siddhartha Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:18
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The most important teachers in life dont have a college degree. They didnt obtain a sense of life and morals by years of schooling. These individuals had lived, and have experience to back their words of wisdom. Even one persons own life experiences can teach him a lot about life! Just like most parents, Siddharthas father raised him in a very sheltered environment. In the novel Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, the main character, had many instructors.
He wasnt taught the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, he was introduced to a way of life. The most influential mentors in Siddharthas life were Kamala the courtesan, Vasudeva the ferryman, and Siddharthas father the Brahmin.
Before Siddhartha met Kamala all he knew of was thinking, waiting, and fasting.(46) He was a simple Samana from the forest.(45) Kamala change all of that, she converted Siddhartha from a Samana into a high-powered businessman! Besides directing Siddhartha to Samsara(60), Kamala taught him one of the most important things someone can be taught, how to love and be loved in return. With that, she also put him through one of the hardest things in life, a personal relationship with the opposite sex.
Although Siddhartha could not really love(59) Kamala, he still influenced her to change her perspective on life. It was important for Siddhartha to enter Samsara because he would have been longing to had he not taken the opportunity when it arose.
May my present path, my new life, start from there!(82) Siddhartha was speaking of the river. The river gave Siddhartha a tranquil feeling. There he met Vasudeva, the ferry man(82). Vasudeva helped Siddhartha to listen to the river, he learned that the river has very many voices(88), and that the voices of all living creatures are in its voice(88).
The river often laughed at Siddhartha. This laughter taught him humility. Vasudeva wasnt scared to give his noble friend advice from time to time, he helped Siddhartha deal with his disobedient son. Vasudeva was a very serene man, he showed Siddhartha how to let his life flow like the river.
There was something in this reflection that reminded him of something he had forgotten and when he reflected on it, he remembered. His face resembled that of another person, whom he had once, known and love and even feared.
It resembled the face of his father, the Brahmin(107). Siddharthas father was the only one who could help him let go of his beloved son. Siddharthas father once said to him, Now go!(9) after that he never saw his father again. Even though it took Siddhartha a while to get go, eventually he did. Siddharthas father really taught Siddhartha to live, like no one else could have.
All in all, Siddhartha learned many things.
He learned how to love, listen and most of all how to be a man. Every one of his experiences added to who he became. This story teaches that all people must make their own mistakes, that failing is a part of life, and teachers dont teach us how to live your lives. Wisdom is not communicable(115). .

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