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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:33
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Simon is special because he lived when all the doctors aid he would die. He had very good faith in God. Simon was a small person. Even though his parents didn’t pay much attention to him he turned out to be a wonderful person.
God did have a very special plan for Simon. God’s plan for Simon was for him to be a hero. Simon’s destiny was to help Joe find his father. It was his destiny to kill Rebecca, to bring Joe and Ben together, and to save all those children. God’s plan for Simon was his destiny. Rebecca’s death effects Joe and Simon a lot.
Joe is left with his grandmother, her maid, and not knowing who his father is. Rebecca was the only kind of mother Simon had. Simon knew that was his destiny but Joe lost a lot of faith in God. Simon helps Joe to find his father. Simon helps him to grow in faith. Simon directs Joe how to save all the children on the sinking bus.
Simon helps the relationship between Joe and Ben grow. Overall Simon helps Joe by being a good friend. Joe is really upset when he finds out that the reverend is his father. He wishes that he never knew. He did not want the reverend to be his father.
He was mad that the reverend did not act as a father figure in his life. Ben helped Joe and Simon when they needed it most. Ben got them an armadillo before he knew them. Ben got Joe and Simon out of jail when no one else would, he even offered to buy them pizza. He drove Simon a ll the way to the camp to tell Joe that the reverend was his father.
Ben even adopts Joe at the end. Simon effects Joe’s life a lot. Simon and Joe were best friends. Simon taught Joe to have real faith in God. Simon is the reason that Ben and Joe become so close. Simon ended up being the name of Joe’s son.
Joe told his son the same jokes Simon had told him.Words/ Pages : 385 / 24

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