Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:06
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September 2003Final EssayIn the days of knights, kings, and heroic epics, circumcision was notdone for sanitary means as is often the case today.
Being circumcised wassomething of a rebirth. It was done when it was realized that one was asinner and it was promised that they would reform under the grace of God. Sir Gawain was on a mission upon entering the green chapel; he sought tobecome the next Fisher King. King Arthur became a Fisher King and Jesus wasthe original Fisher King. In the ensuing confrontation in the green chapel,we then discover Sir Gawain’ s error; he is simply a mortal man.
In meeting the knight in the chapel, Gawain was supposed to beinvulnerable. The fact that he flinched when he was swung at, shows hisunnecessary fear. He should have trusted in the power of the girdle. Inscriptures read from the bible, it is known that Jesus was not a fearfulman. It can also be said that Jesus was not a normal human man.
When he wasfaced with three temptations, he did not succumb. Gawain, too, faced threetemptations. While he did not indulge either, resisting one enticement, hecommitted a sin. In turning away the host’s wife, he avoided lust andadultery. But his reasons were a sin.
He did not care to copulate with thehost’s wife simply because he worried what it would do to his knightlyreputation. Jesus died for the sins of others and did not flinch upon beingnailed to a cross for faults not his own. Gawain was meant to bleed for hisvery own sins and he flinched. He feared death, which mortal man iscommonly guilty of. Though Gawain was meant to become a Fisher King, he failed, showingthat he was human and made errors.
The flowing of his blood on Januaryfirst, signifies the cleansing of his soul. The blood shed was for the lietold on the third day. Having paid for that sin on the third blow made hima forgiven man. When Gawain faced the knight in the green chapel, he too came to arealization. After being swung at twice and finally struck on the thirdswing, he understood.
He knew that he was made to bleed with the third blowbecause on the third day in the company of his host, he bore no gifts asper their agreement. He came bringing only Judas kisses. The chapel wasmuch like a barrow. Sir Gawain entered it knowing full well that he was toface the knight.
One cannot help but assume that his intentions were toreceive forgiveness. .

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