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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:06
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When I chose to attend any university I knew I wanted to live in a good Christian environment where the word of God was believed and practiced through the classroom. My entire family had gone to major public universities, but I knew that I needed a good sound environment without all the distractions one would see at a public institution. Now that Im here, I know it is going to take hard work on my part to accomplish my degree in whatever field I choose. In order to survive here at a higher learning institution, I will need sacrifice some social, physical, and emotional things will be hinging on whether I succeed or not. First off, there will be many social sacrifices that will arise at times. People will come to my door, doing there best to distract me while Im doing homework.
I will need to think over the situation, and either leave the room or ask them to leave. However, this will not be easy. To maintain an edge I will have to find times when not many people are around and get my work done at those times, instead of waiting till the last minute to do my work. I will also have to make some physical sacrifices.
There will be times when I am up till at least 1 or 2 in the morning, and have to get up for an Eight am class. I will just have to adjust to the fast paced schedule here at college. One thing I could do to solve a late night study session is to do the homework right when I get out of class. The last sacrifice I plan to overcome will be emotional stress. Stress is one thing that many people today have troubles with, including myself. At school, stress can and will build up.
At a Christian institution, they will expect me to keep on spiritual issues such as daily devotion and prayer. Finding times to do this will only enhance my personal relationship with Christ. In doing so, I will become to understand my purpose here better at Cornerstone University. I feel the Lord has put me here for a purpose.
My choices over the next 3 years will affect my entire life. If I keep a steady relationship with the Lord, he will assist me with all the different problems I will face here at Cornerstone. It is up to me to follow his will and listen to him when I am in a time of need.

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