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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:42
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byMolireI was in the audience at the proformance of Tartuffe the first night itplayed at Prairie High School. I really liked Tartuffe, i felt that the play waspretty funny, and i liked how it started off by letting the audience knowTartuffe is a fraud.
I thought it was a very good production. In Tartuffe we get pretty much a personal view into Orgonss home, allof the play takes place here. In Act I, scene 4, Tartuffe, coming into churcheveryday and drawing attention with his loud prayer. In church Orgon wouldoffer him gifts and he would say they were twice too much and immediatelygive some to the poor, again this kind of thing makes the audience realizethat Tartuffe is a fraud and that he has Madame Pernelle and Orgonconvinced that he is perfect. Sooner or later Orgon invites Tartuffe to live inhis home.
Tartuffe immediality takes everything over. He convinces Orgonto turn the house over to him along with some important papers. Orgon istotally in the dark on whats going on and everytime a member of his familytries to talk to him about it he gets all mad and the have a fight. Tartuffeswhole reason for being in the home is that he is trying to suduce Orgonsyoung wife.
Everyone in his family knows whats going on and they settartuffe up to take a fall. It works and Orgon throws Tartuffe out of thehouse, But what we all forgot is that Orgon had signed everything over toTartuffe and Tartuffe has Orgon and his family evicted from the home. Luckily, the good king sees through Tartuffe and has him arrested. This play is set in Orgons home. The technical elements of this playare used to set a mood for the play.
Like when Tartuffe starts to take overOrgons home, Tartuffes assisstant begins to change the rugs and drapes to thecolor green, Tartuffes main color}, and then when Tartuffe starts to lose hiscontrol on Orgon, the maid come out and removes the green and replaces itwith the regular color. I really wasnt effected by the changing of the colorsuntil i thought back to what happened and realized why it happened. Then itstarted to make a little better of a picture. , of how Tartuffe was taking overthen losing control. The lighting of the play was all together good but what inoticed is when Damis is playing a video game in the corner it was a littlehard to see and here him because everyone was in front of him and he was inthe corner. I liked the costumes used in Tartuffe I liked how Tartuffe and hisservant wore green and then Orgon started wearing green, then Orgon wentback to his regular clothes, and Tartuffe wore some pimp clothes, that weneet i got how that was working from the start.
I dont quite recall many sound effects being used in the show, butbefore and during intermission there was alot of classical music playing sowe got the idea that we were going to see a a play about rich people. The way the playwrite uses Tartuffe in the beginning of the play tomake himself look like a hyprocrit, is one of the reasons that i liked the playbecause i really think that when the audience doesnt like the villian it makesfor a way better play. And i think that the whole audience thought thatTartuffe was a moron by the end of the first act. I really had a hard timeunderstanding the play while i was in the audience, because I was under theinfluence that the play took place in the 14 or 15 hundreds. I didnt find outintil the next day that the play had been moved up in time abit the the 1990s. I just felt that the old english used in the play didnt quite equal out with thewhole 1990s thing.
That was one of the only thing that i didnt like aboutTartuffe. I felt that it was trying to make a point, not to trust everyonebecause looks can be decieving. I think that Tartuffe was really meant foreveryone to have a good laugh, there wasnt much else to it. I think that since i already read the script, that is what made meconfused about the place in time that the play held. If i wouldnt have readthe play before I saw it I think i would have been a little more in tune withwhat was going on.

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