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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:24
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Teachers Essay of the 21st century, like those of the past, are not only teachers of subjects such as math, English, or science. Teachers are role models, confidants, and continual learners.
To prepare our students for their future, we must also teach many more basic concepts. One of the greatest challenges of preparing students will be teaching them to express their opinions and beliefs without the fear that they will be scorned. If a student is allowed to express their own multicultural views, they may be more open to understanding others. Counseling is an invaluable part of the school. Students need to have any emotional problems addressed quickly and effectively.
Anger does not have to lead to violence, but instead to drawing, talking, and writing about the problem. Get students involved in extra-curricular activities. Learning does not stop when the final bell rings. Activities such as art, music, sports, and volunteering time can foster a new learning environment. Students will be taught the value of teamwork, patience, citizenship, honesty, and respect. The role of the teacher as a coach and even parent make lasting impressions on students.
In the classroom, students should develop organizational and study skills. We need to encourage independent critical thinkers, who at the same time, are not afraid to ask questions. Students will be teachers to other students – teamwork inside and out of the classroom. Ever-changing technology is arising in classrooms everywhere. It requires updating old competencies and readiness for that yet to come. The school will also need to continually reinforce daily routines.
Good hygiene, the value of breakfast, and seat belt and helmet safety are a few. Students of the 21st century are exactly that, our future. As teachers, we teach both subject matter and character development. Everything we do, both in and out of the classroom should develop and inspire confident attitudes, high expectations and goals, and help guide our children towards a career of their own. Words / Pages : 346 / 24 .

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