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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:41
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As I grow older I find myself and my surroundings changing. Many things about my personality and appearance have altered greatly in the past decade. I’ve observed many of these same changes in my family as well as in my friends.
Some of my likes and dislikes of certain things are the same as when I was six years old, but not all. From my love of children and every type of critter to my dependency on my parents, my life has changed. From a very young age I’ve always loved children. “Mom, can I have a little brother and sister to play with?” was a favorite question of mine. A little bit later I would learn the answer. I would eventually have both.
Other mothers often commented on my ‘motherly instinct’ when it came to my younger siblings. I’ve always liked the feeling of being able to comfort someone smaller than I am. As a child I loved playing dolls and ‘house’, always pretending to be the mother. Now I work at a Nursery watching over real children. From my love of children derived my desire to become a pediatrician. Along with my love of children is my love of animals.
A new pet every week was a regular around the Moody House. My friends were always amazed by the array of creatures crawling around my room and shimmying up the curtains. One week I’d have eight pet chickens and a guinea pig and the next it was a turtle and bunny rabbit. As I grow older I become a little less interested in having as many pets as possible and a little more content with just the ordinary dog and my pet Iguana. All throughout my life I have depended on my parents. As a young child I searched eagerly in the eyes of my mom and dad for the reassurance I needed whenever I did something new.
Holding tightly onto my dad’s hand as we crossed the street I trusted he would always take me safely across. In the same way I have always trusted they would guide me through life safely. Although I no longer hold their hands when I cross the street I know they are always there. I’ve grown into my own person, depending more on myself rather than searching for reassurance through them. I want a lot more space now and it is hard to express that sometimes. Instead of jumping out of bed every morning anxious to create a fantasy world out of blocks with my mom, I slowly drag myself out of bed mumbling about the insanely early hour of the morning.
Things are definitely different now that I’m not quite so dependent. I still love kids, animals, and depend very much so on my parents, but all three aren’t quite what they used to be. Instead of playing pretend with my dolls, I work in a nursery. I don’t have a zoo in my house, but merely my dog and Iguana. I rely on my parents, but I desire the space and responsibilities that come with age.
All in all I’d say I like the way things have turned out.Bibliography:

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