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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:59
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In this paper, it will be discussed why The Atomic Bomb Essay isthe biggest method of destruction known to man. The paperwill be discussing the results of the Atomic Bombs, alongwith the effects years after the initial explosion.
Peoplealways wonder how many people actually died in the twoAtomic Bombs which were dropped in Japan. This questionwill be answered, along with the method that citizens wereactually killed by the bomb. Besides the initial blast windsthat an Atomic Bomb gives off, people may be killed byseveral other things including heat rays, radiation and theimplosion of their home. Robert S. Oppenheimer, was the father of the AtomicBomb.
After Albert Einstein stated that if the Nazi’s made anuclear weapon first, the results would be devastating. Dueto this, Oppenheimer decided to race to develop such aweapon, before the Nazi’s. On August 6, 1945, the firstAtomic Bomb used in warfare, was dropped on Hiroshima,Japan. U. S. President, Harry Truman ordered the droppingof the Atomic Bomb, on what he reported would onlydestroy military bases.
The devastation turned out to benothing like anybody had ever seen before. On August 2,1945 "20th Air Force attacks targets in Japan on 6thAugust. Primary TargetHiroshima". At this point, onlythe direct order of President Truman could stop thedropping of the bomb. As it turned out, Truman thoughtnothing of the sort.
His intention was to bomb Hiroshima,and nothing was going to stop him. The bomb which wasdropped on Hiroshima was nicknamed "Little Boy" Threedays later, another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. The bombing of Nagasaki completely wiped out the northernpart of the city. The nickname for this bomb was called "FatMan". There are a few reasons why these two cities each havedifferent nicknames.
The Nagasaki bomb did not destroy asmuch as the Hiroshima bomb, nor did it kill as many people. So then why is the Nagasaki bomb called the "Fat Man" andthe Hiroshima bomb called "Little Boy". The "Fat Man" wasmade of plutonium and consisted of twenty-two kilotons ofTNT. As for the "Little Boy", it was made of uranium, andwas made up of only thirteen kilotons of TNT. Even thoughthe Hiroshima bomb was not made up to do even near theamount of damage as the Nagasaki bomb, it turned out thatdid more damage.
The reason for this is because, thegeographic location of Nagasaki, with its mountainous terrainprevented it from doing the same amount of destruction as inHiroshima. In the two bombings there was a large gap in the number ofpeople that died. In Hiroshima the city population at the timeof the bombing was 310,000, The estimated deaths was90,000-140,000 people. As for the Nagasaki bombing, thecity population before the bombing was 250,000. Theestimated number of deaths was 60,000-80,000 people. Notice that the word, "estimated", was used for bothamounts of deaths.
The reason for this is because, thenumber of deaths cannot be precisely known becauserecords of military personnel in each city were destroyed. There have been several comparisons between the damagecapabilities of the two bombs. First of all, it was said that toachieve maximum blast effect, the bomb had been set todetonate 1800 feet over Hiroshima. This is approximately548 meters.
The bomb in Hiroshima reached a height of580+/-15 meters. As for the bomb in Nagasaki, it reached aheight of 500+/-10 meters. The radius in which ceramic rooftiles melted was 600m in the Hiroshima bombing and 1000min the Nagasaki bombing. The radius in which granite stonemelted was 1,000m for the Hiroshima bomb and 1,600m forthe Nagasaki bomb. What can be determined from thesestatistics is that the Nagasaki bomb has much stronger heatrays in it, and in turn would destroy more territory and killmore people. As said earlier in this essay, the location ofNagasaki prevented that.
It was said that when the bomb hitthe ground, "A bright, blinding flash was seen. A minutelater, a black cloud of boiling dust and churning debris was1,000 feet off the ground and above it white smoke climbedlike a mushroom to 20,000 feet". This is one of the reasonsthat so many people died from the bomb. When burningdebris is flying through the air, chances are that people aregoing to get hit.
We’re not talking little pebbles here. Houseswere blown to bits, and pieces of the houses were beingthrown across the city. Another person said ;First came thepika-the flash-and .

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