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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:45
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The Beatles to this day are one of the most famous andpopular rock ‘n roll groups in the world.
The Beatlesinclude George Harrison, John Lennon(1940-1980), PaulMcCartney, and Richard Starkey(Ringo Starr). All of theBeatles where born and raised in Liverpool, England. JohnLennon was considered the leader of the band. GeorgeHarrison was the lead guitarist. John Lennon was a songwriter, one of the two lead singers, and rhythm guitarist.
Paul McCartney was a song writer, one of the two leadsingers, and a bassist. Ringo Starr played the drums. John Lennon’s first band was called the Quarrymen (namedafter his High School). None of the three Beatles were inthis band. Paul joined the group in 1957 and Harrisonjoined in 1958.
They played with bass guitarist SutSutcliffe, and Pete Best, a drummer. Sutcliffe left in 1961and Ringo Starr joined the band. Pete Best was asked toleave the band on April 16, 1962. He was considered theBeatles undisputed sex symbol.
The Beatles were discoveredon November 9, 1961 by Brian Epstein, a manager of a recordstore in Liverpool as well as an x British Army soldier. The Beatles first two song were “Love Me Do” and“Please, Please Me. ” The Beatles starred in two movies, “AHard Days Night,” and “Help. ” They also had their own fulllength cartoon called “Yellow Submarine.
” The movie “A HardDays Night” earned 1. 3 million dollars in its first week. The Beatles early music was influenced by singers ChuckBerry and Elvis Presley. In November of 1963 the Beatles performed in front ofthe Queen of England.
This was an incredible honor. By theend of 1963 the Beatles were the biggest music group inEngland. The Beatles came to New York City for the firsttime in 1964. They were an instant success.
A couple ofweeks later after their New York appearance, the five bestselling records were by the Beatles. They became worldfamous by the end of 1964. Also in 1964 the song “I Want ToHold Your Hand” marked the beginning of “BEATLEMANIA. ”The Beatles were unusual because most rock was strongbeat with no melody. The Beatles added melody to rock.
TheBeatles also added strong and meaningful lyrics. John Lennonwrote a book called “In His Own Write. ” The Beatles starteda new era of music. They wore their hair long and shaggy. This haircut was known as the Beatles haircut.
All acrossthe world people started wearing their hair like theBeatles. John Lennon described the Beatles like this “When yousaid it, it was crawly things, when you read it, it was beatmusic. ” The Beatles made their last stage appearancetogether in 1966. In 1967 the Beatles put together a masterpiece.
The master piece was Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely HeartClub Band. The Beatles never had a chance to performSergeant Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band. Also in 1967 BrianEpstein, the manager of the Beatles, died. Also in 1967 theBeatles directed a movie, Magical Mystery Tour.
The moviewas about themselves in which they toured the Englishcountryside in search of wonder, fun, and magic. In 1970 the world famous and world loved Beatlesseparated. Everybody was hoping to see the Beatles comeback together. That hope ended when the peace loving JohnLennon was killed outside his New York City apartment by 25year old Mark David Chapman.

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