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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:22
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Using another year to fully understand subjects on someone’s own terms and time is the best choice for enforcing educational advancement. Programs that were put in place to keep students accelerated at subjects that they simply didn’t understand all have had major problems. Also, people are only able to succeed through learning from the right number of mistakes. Finally, the current high school path is not always the best path to lifelong success. These factors all contribute to the overall message that people should be kept longer than a year in a grade if that will help them.
It is important to understand that attempts to shorten the gap between students of different developmental levels have consistently been proven more harmful than simply utilizing an extra academic year. As I mentioned before, programs established to accelerate the intelligence quota of the populous, have major problems. For instance, the No Child Left Behind Law leaves no room for actual learning, or “wiggle room”. According to Malcolm Forbes, “The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one”. However, this is not a goal shared with the NCLB Law. Permitting to Craig A Mertler an educator from the University of West Georgia, the law has a lot of problems.
He has stated that “research has cited the fact that large-scale, high-stakes standardized testing movements actually result in decreases in student learning. For example, in their study of high-stakes test data from 18 states, Amrein and Berliner (2002) concluded that student learning is indeterminate, remains at the same level it was before the policy was implemented, or actually decreases emphasis added when high-stakes testing policies are instituted. “This shows that the NCLB l. .ft school and began working ten-hour days in a boot-blacking factory. He later found a great source of income and popularity in literature.
In summary, laws such as the No Child Left Behind Act have more faults than benefits, due to its inability to consider room for teaching, special needs, and an optimal class size and quality. As seen by Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, and Albert Einstein, people need to learn from their mistakes to be truly successful. In itself, there are many paths in life and as seen by Princess Diana, Elton John, and Charles Dickens, higher education is not the only means through which success is available. In conclusion, students should have the option of learning the optimal subjects in an optimal environment, and this may only be attainable through the occasional holding back of a student that needs slightly more help in a subject area.

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