The Book Thief By Marcus Zusak Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:32
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“The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand.” This quote, stated by Robert Vallet, resonates with all human beings irrespective of their age, gender, or race. The Book Thief, written by Marcus Zusak and narrated by death, tells an eye-opening story from the perspective of a small group of Germans who silently, secretly and courageously opposed Nazism during the time of the Holocaust. While death is featured prominently throughout the story, ultimately, love shines through. This is seen not only in The Book Thief, but in everyday life.
Hence, Zusak’s purpose in writing The Book Thief is to expose his readers to the exceptional, yet beautiful power of love: how love can save a person, change a person, and ultimately be everlasting.The bond of love between individuals has the power to save lives. It supersedes the destructive weight of race, religion, and culture, somehow finding its way through. In times of suffering, hostility and tumult, love has a place to calm the soul and nourish the spirit. As a result, love proves to be a “savior” to all. For example, they say that dog is a man’s best friend, and in many cases, such as this one, it presents itself to be true.
“A brave Jack Russell terrier died while protecting its pregnant owner and her 2-year-old daughter from a Cape cobra. The Six-year-old dog Jamal died shortly after he killed the snake” (Chabalala 1). This quote exemplifies the unbreakable bond of love between dog and man, and how the dog would do anything just to save its owner, therefore, giving up its life for its owner. In addition, Jamal saved not just his owner, but the lives her unborn baby as well as her two year old daughter. Furthermore, The Book Thief too sh. .
ather there with her; therefore holding their love perpetually. In conclusion, Chris’ love for his wife, as well as Liesel’s love for her father both demonstrate the eternal power of love and how its flame follows wherever the love travels. All in all, the heart is one of the most powerful forces on earth due to one reason: love stems from the heart. The love that the heart produces has the power to save a person, change a person, and can ultimately be everlasting. Therefore, Zusak’s purpose in writing The Book Thief was to show his readers’ the power that love holds within. Along with Liesel and Hans; Rosa, Jamal the Jack Russell Terrier, Jesus, and Chris all beautifully exhibit examples of how love can save, change, and be everlasting.
But, if love has the capability to perform these wondrous abilities, does love have the capacity to control mankind?

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