Call Of The Wild Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:34
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The story first brings us to San Paolo,California.Buck the familys dog is living the high life.His owner treats him the best out of all the dogs.The butler is a bad guy.He takes Buck to a train going to Washington.From there on he rides on a ship to Alaska.On the voyage there he gets taught the law of the club.When he gets there he finds it quite odd to see white everywhere.He has never seen snow before.He gets bought by Francois and Hans.They must get mail to the area where the gold rush is.On teh way there he fights for survival.The way there is over 800 miles.He gets very bad blisters on his feet.That slows him down so he is literally getting dragged along in his harness that is strapped to him.The leader of the sled is always attacking the other dogs .When they let the dogs run around for a while he and the other dog get in a fight to the death.The other dogs surround them in a circle Buck breaks both of his legs and tears his throat open.Buck becomes the new leaderThere he learns to survive on his own.5 dogs die on the way there.He eventually arrives in the gold rush area.He gets sold to a group of germans back down to Anchorage.They are very unskilled they try to kill him but a man named Gerald saves him.They get attacked by a group of Indians.Gerald dies.Buck becomes the dominant male in a wolf-pack.The Indians start to notice a change in the wolves.They called Buck “the Ghost Wolf”Words/ Pages : 275 / 24

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